San Jose cops to get cameras on their heads

Staff Photojournalist

Some of you might remember when we reported on the Taser Axon, a camera that mounts on the head. According to Mercury News, the AXON project will apparently be used on police officers in the San Jose area.

Now, these devices are designed to sit right above the ear, just like you see in the picture. They will be activated as soon as the officer speaks to a citizen or suspect.

This is perfect for cases in which it is “your word against the officer”. This sort of makes you think twice when you really want to talk back to the cop you gave you a ticket that you know you didn’t deserve.

By the way, the videos are uploaded to a central server, and I would assume that the officer is to shut them off in downtime such as on the toilet or at the donut shop.

You know what it reminds me off? Aliens. Yes, before there was Avatar, James Cameron introduced us to a world of space marines with cameras on their ears. You might remember the scene where the one guy “adjusts” his camera by banging it against the wall. Hopefully these AXON cameras can take a hit like that.

I’m not certain when San Jose plans to implement this program, but I can’t help but think there will soon be a time when all officers will be required to wear these cameras.