Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse

Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse - Making Computing More Convenient for the Users
No one wants to be getting entangled in a maze of wires while getting his gadgets. Everyone wants to eliminate as much cords and wires as possible from his gadgets as their elimination greatly simplifies the connections between different devices. A keyboard that connects wirelessly offers great convenience to the users. One need not sit near one's computer to use it. One can use the keyboard from a position one feels is comfortable to him, like lying in the bed.

The keyboard can be used with a computer system that supports Bluetooth connectivity. Since the keyboard does not use any wires, it does not feature any ports for USB connections. Most such present day keyboards support two way transmissions of data through radio frequency (RF) for a distance of up to 100 ft. The keyboards come especially handy in situations where one's access to his or her computer is restricted due to space constraints. But one needs to install a supporting software in his or her computer to use such keyboards.

Microsoft has released a new combination of keyboard and mouse that connect without any wires with other devices. The combination is being marketed under the brand name Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000. The combination is the computer industry's first backlit keyboard. The gadget has specifically been designed for Media Centre PCs and can be used with both Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. The device features several buttons for use on Vista operating system. Many users of conventional keyboards may not know the exact functions of these buttons.

The keyboard has several dedicated buttons for multimedia control. The keyboard is backlit; it means one can also use it in areas which have dim or no light at all. There are many 'one touch' multimedia keys on the keyboard. For example, one can open up an internet browser or play a DVD on his computer with just a single touch of a multimedia key. Apple Inc. released its thinnest model of keyboard in August 2007 that can wirelessly connect to a computer. The keyboard is specifically designed for use on the company's Macintosh brand of computers. The device prevents accidental presses of Caps lock key. To activate the Caps lock function, one has to press and hold the Caps lock key for a while.

Let us now discuss some features of computer mouses as well. A computer or electronic mouse is basically a pointing device that detects motion in two dimensions relative to its position. The device's motion translates into a corresponding motion of a pointer on a display like a computer's monitor. The mechanical mouse was invented by Stanford Research Institute in 1963. The first ball mouse was developed in 1972 that used two oppositely moving rollers to detect the motion of the device. The wireless mouse was developed during 1980s.

A wireless mouse connects to the CPU of computers through Bluetooth technology. One need not keep the mouse near the computer's monitor to operate it. Nor does one need to stretch his or her hand to reach it. These mouses can work from a distance of up to 7 meters from the computer. Like other electronic gadgets, the device is susceptible to electrical and magnetic interferences. If there is a lot of electromagnetic interference in the vicinity of the mouse, its performance may be affected to a great extent.

The mouse detects its movement using photo diodes and light emitting diodes. Two versions of this mouse were released in 1980. Current models of the mouse use an optoelectronic sensor to picture its underlying surface. These mouses have special purpose image processing chips embedded in them. The chip allows the mouse to detect its motion relative to a variety of surfaces. The mouse illuminates the surface that it tracks over using a laser diode or a LED. The chip translates the movement of the mouse to a corresponding movement of a pointer on a display using an optical flow estimation algorithm.

A wireless mouse is better than optical mouse. Some more variants of electronic mouse like a laser mouse and tactile mouse are also available in the markets. Some manufactures have also developed mouses that have beenstylised to sense gestures of the users. For example, a quick movement of the mouse in "X" motion would delete a picture in a drawing program. The wireless keyboard and optical mouse have made it much comfortable to work on a computer system. Most present day high end computers come equipped with wireless keyboards and optical mouses. The devices have made it possible for users to easily interact with their computers from a distance.

Mouse Pad

The Function of Mouse Pad
Some people think mouse pad is not essential. If so, why there are various of mouse pads? You cannot make little of the Computer widgets. It plays an important role on improving the environment of mouse using. You can see the computer gadgets here and there. And you can find them not only at home but also in your office even in the school. So there are so many people who all ask this question that the Computer widgets will do well for us and they really can have effects when we play computers. Yes, that is a necessary question for us to have a discussion. And now I will tell you some tings about the pc gadgets.

I have to introduce the history of mouse pad. There once was a player who had an overcritical requirement for mouse feel. To improve mouse using environment, make it easy for mouse moving and fixing position, help to maintain mouse clear and lengthen the longevity of mouse, he invented things like mouse pad. Although optical mouse can be used on uneven place, but not on the Highly reflective material, or it may be out of order. So mouse pad is necessary.

Mouse pads are so little computer gadgets, while their function is huge: when using a mouse pad, the mouse moves with higer speed, more precision and great comfort for users. Without mouse pad, mouse pointer may be hard to control; it also benefits to computer table that avoid it being worn by continuous rubbing motion. Mouse pad is designed more and more beautiful and is a good decoration for your desk.

Mouse pad is necessity for optical mice, because this kind of mouse uses image sensors to detect movement. Although some users use paper or other surfaces instead of mouse pad, most users perfer a mouse pad for comfort, speed and accuracy. Mouse pad is part of pc gadgets when buying computer. There are several mouse pads according to their material: Cloth material which is made of cloth and rubber. It's the cheapest, so the fuction is just so-so. Then, sparkled pure rubber and cloth: beautiful images can be stamped on the mouse pad surface, and the mouse pad suits for every place. When mouse moves on it, the speed is between cloth one and plastic one.

Third, duroplasts mouse pad: this kind of mouse pad is mostly black and is made of pure plastic. Its characteristic is smooth, expensive but low wear resistance. PVC, PP: high polymer cortical material: granule frosting. It is high wear resistance, washable and can be used for a long time. It's the favourite for Internet bar. Glass mat: it's made of armoured glass, then polish its surface or stick some colourful photos on it. It is mostly used in summer to prevent dry. But it has drawbacks: fragile, expensive and unavailable for winter.

Metal base: often refers to Al pad. Just like the glass pad, it's highly wear-resistance and is not easy to crumb. It's also very expensive and unavailable in winter. The pad has a bed of oil matter to keep smooth of its surface which makes it a luxury.

Google Buzz

What is Google Buzz
Google Buzz is an extension of the Google Mail service offered by Google which the Internet giants hope will lure users away from alternative services such as Facebook. Google Mail initially created shockwaves when first introduced as they offered a huge 1GB of storage space for messages and attachments compared to most of its competitors who at the time offered a feeble 2 to 4MB. Today they offer a huge 7GB as standard however times have moved on and alternative providers such as Yahoo Mail and Hotmail also now offer an almost unlimited amount of storage space free of charge.

Despite not having the advantage over the competition in this respect any longer, Google Gmail continues to be a popular service due to its ability to integrate well with other e-mail accounts and the way in which it allows you to manage your messages. As an example, Gmail groups together messages that are of the same subject, making them part of a conversation file. In this way you can manage large number of e-mails grouped into the same conversation quickly and easily so that deleting or achieving them doesn't cause a headache.

Google Gmail is free to use and paid for by advertising however the adverts are very small, non-intrusive and are targeted so that they are more relevant to subject matter that you might find of interest. There are no large graphic adverts and no pop-up or pop-under adverts to clutter your browser.

Buzz has all the basic features that you would expect from a social networking application including the ability to share status updates, photos, links and videos both privately and publically. You can choose who you'd like to follow by simply entering their Gmail address at which point they can be added as a friend for you to see a steam of all their updates that have been shared either publically or privately with you. As with Facebook, other users can comment on public posts and show their appreciation for an update or users status by clicking the ‘like' button. You can direct a comment into a fellow users Gmail inbox by simply putting @ the beginning of your comment and the user name of that person is then hidden to protect their privacy. This feature can only be used with people that are in your Gmail contact list. Also by clicking on the arrow to the right of any post, you can link content to the post, email the contact directly and mute the buzz that appears in your inbox.

Google Buzz also integrates with Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, YouTube, Blogger, and Twitter meaning that you are able to share content from these applications directly. This is a nice feature as it allows you to post files and albums you may have already created without having to go through the hardship of creating them twice.

The social networking market has the potential for huge rewards, especially for a company such as Google that makes such a large amount of its profits from revenue generated by advertising. With news that Buzz will soon be available on the Android phone and iPhones platforms, it will almost certainly give the more established social networking sites a run for their money.

Gmail Phone Call

Gmail Phone Call Feature Launched to Make Free Calls
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Recently, Google has officially revealed a new feature that will allow users call phones from Gmail. Here is provided the details about the how to use Gmail to make free calls. Gmail voice and video chat makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family using your computer's microphone and speakers. By this service people can call at US and Canada with free of charge for at least the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at their very low rates.
Dialing a phone number works just like a normal phone. Just click "Call phone" at the top of your chat list and dial a number or enter a contact's name. Users can enter any number they like or simply pick one of their contacts from Gmail and call them. All the other bells and whistles of Google Voice, including screening calls, having multiple devices ring and having rules for different callers are included. If you have a Google Voice phone number, calls made from Gmail will display this number as the outbound caller ID. If you have a And if you decide to, you can receive calls made to this number right inside Gmail. According to a Google's chart on calling rates calls cost 2 cents a minute to landlines in the U.K. and France, and 6 cents a minute to Pakistan.

How to make phone calls from Gmail:
1. Login into Gmail account and click "Call phone" at the top of your chat list and dial a number or enter a contact's name.

2. If you do not see "call phone" feature, make sure you are logged into chat. Also, make sure you already have ‘voice and video plug-in' installed for successfully making calls from Gmail interface.

3. Calling pop-up window will open. You can type the contact name or phone number and click ‘call' button for making calls.

Google Blogger Addons

Google Blogger Addons To Take Your Blog From Fit To Fab
Blogger is a fantastic stand-alone blogging platform. But when you consider the more than 20,000 addons available from Google, it becomes outstanding.

Google and other service providers offer some of the most useful and interesting add-ons you can imagine. And the vast majority are free and simple to use. Let's take a look at how you can use them to enhance the value of your blog.

Where to find Google Blogger Addons
The mother lode of Blogger Addons can be found on the Google Gadgets website. To find this site, go to Google and search for 'Google Gadgets For Your Webpage.' You do not want to go to 'Google Desktop Gadgets,' because you won't be able to use those gadgets on your blog. As of today, there are 22,119 gadgets available with more being added every day. Here are some of my favorites.

Fun & Games
Games and humor are two of the top reasons that visitors come back to the same blog and you can add tons of both with Google Gadgets.

Games include PacMan, Bowling, Tetris, Checkers, Hangman and virtually every other game you remember playing at the arcade. With respect to humor, you can add cartoons like Garfield, 9 to 5, SpongeBob, Bloom County and the Cartoon of the Day. Google offers dozens of gadgets to add lighthearted and comical information to your blog. Some of my favorites are Funny Cat Photos, the Bart Simpson Phrase of the Day (what does that tell you about your author?), Horoscopes and This Day In History. Your biggest problem will not be finding engaging gadgets for your blog, but knowing when to stop adding them.

On a more serious note, you can find gadgets that have to do with the news. These are some of the more common gadgets on both websites and blogs.

When people come to your Blogger blog they can see a gadgets that shows the local weather, breaking news, tropical storm warnings and even traffic reports in major cities. These are great gadgets to add if your blog is targeted to a local audience.

If you want to offer your visitors useful tools, you won't be disappointed with Google Gadgets. Many of my blogs are populated with these gadgets and I find myself going to them regularly.

This is a great place to find calendars, world clocks, dictionaries, driving directions and maps. You can create and add a video message to your blog with one gadget in as little as a minute. The list of useful tools you can add to your Blogger blog is amazing.

Communication and Technology
For those of you who enjoy the more technical side of the Internet, these gadgets are for you. Add a gadget that gives instant access to Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM Messenger, Hotmail and your Gmail account on your blog. You can add a Desktop Chat gadget and communicate with readers while they're visiting your blog. I've seen this tool used on some of the better customer service sites and it's great.

If you're interested in space, Google has a gadget that shows images from the Hubble telescope, NOAA satellite images, current moon phases and daily astronomy pictures. These gadgets are quickly becoming as limitless as the universe.

This is big. These gadgets are the equivalent of People Magazine. This is a great place to find the top five movies at the box office, Jon Stewart's quote of the day (always funny), music, bible verses, National Geographic photos and even live TV.

I'm a sports fan. I especially enjoy baseball and NCAA football. Thank goodness there are gadgets to keep me posted on the sports world. You can add gadgets to your Blogger blog that will show the BCS standings, live sports scores, body building tips, boxing schedules and what your resting heart rate should be. There is even a gadget for you to keep track of your workout routine, assuming you have a workout routine and aren't just an armchair quarterback like me.

As you can see there are more Google Blogger addons than you can imagine and they're remarkably easy to place on your blog. Just select the gadget you want to use, copy the code generated by the gadget and add it to your Blogger blog under the HTML tab. If you would rather add the gadget to your sidebar, you can do that too and it will show up on every page of your blog. You're going to love Google Gadgets and so will your readers.

Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview - Browse before you click
The world has just recently been a spectator to Google's most recent search acceleration version 'Google Instant'. A feature where the search engine tries to read your thoughts and starts indexing answers as you type a issue. And in under 2 months Google has introduced a new add-on to the instant search feature titled 'Instant Preview'. This sounds like Google's different attempt at bettering the snippet data help.

The fundamental strategy working the feature is to give the internet users a peek into the search results i.e. the visitor can see a preview of the web-site before entering it. The preview is presented as a snapshot of the internet site stored in the Google server. Thus you get to see the information of the site even before you enter it.

This attribute as now being enjoyed by the world is a convenient procedure. Let's presume, you conduct a Google search for SEO Firms in Pakistan. You type 'SEO Pakistan' in the search bar and Google provides you a extensive page of results. To see the preview of the results detailed you only need to click on the magnifying glass set next to the title of any search result, later on you can just move the mouse pointer over the other results to see the preview. A pop up giving the visual analysis of the result appears to the right.

A few findings that come along the new release are as follows -

  • The significant highlight of this attribute is that Google gives a snapshot of that section of the page where the search key phrase is located. So for end users searching for 'SEO Pakistan' will get to those sections of the page where the term 'SEO Pakistan' appears. This is a major bonus for search as it makes the search path more specific.
  • As you get to see the pattern of the page you can easily search for pages offering charts, tables, diagrams etc. as per your search needs.
  • Applicable content is highlighted in orange i.e. the section where the search term appears on the webpage. This makes it easy for the users to compare the suitability of the content.
  • The preview given by Google includes a broken line at the end of the page (it mostly look like the end of a torn page running up and down) this shows to the user that missing part of the page that is not incorporated in the preview. This way the user does not dispose of the website as he is aware that the answer to his query is at the bottom.
  • It is significant to note that the Instant preview feature is not an try to speed up the search of the term, but a method facilitating the user to make a quicker selection of which site to browse and which to by pass.
  • The Instant Preview feature facilitates Google to own more of our searching experience because now you need not leave the Google result page to check out any of the websites posted in the result; you can now look at the website while on the Google web page.
  • The web designers may now be forced to revamp the pages to follow by the Google design criteria. As the new feature gives the users the admittance to preview a site the user will now be measuring up the sites before entering them, redesigning the websites for SEO needs seems like an addition on the agenda.
  • Currently the Instant Preview feature does not exhibit the Google ads and flash content in the preview. The experts behind the invention are working at including these aspects in the newly launched feature.

As per a research the searchers are 5% happier after the addition of this facet to the greatest search destination of the world. As the varied aspects of the new feature offered by Google unfold, the world wonders what else Google could pull out from its bag to make search more interactive and fluid.

AirCurve Play from Griffin Technology

Hands on with the AirCurve Play from Griffin Technology
It has been a while since we covered the AirCurve iPhone dock from Griffin Technologies, and I just had a chance to try out the company’s update for the iPhone 4, the AirCurve Play.

The AirCurve Play works like the Horn Stand. It is a device designed to increase the volume of the iPhone 4, but without any electronics that are found within most iPod/iPhone speaker docks.

The AirCurve Play states that it can increase the external volume by about 10 decibels. At first I wondered if that was going to make a difference, because the Horn Stand says it increases sound by 13 db. I barely heard the difference in that device.

In this AirCurve Play, I heard a significant difference, and I don’t even own an iPhone 4. My second generation iPod Touch didn’t fit in the place made for the iPhone 4, but fortunately, there was a rubber cradle thing that could be removed in order to accommodate more thicker iDevices than the iPhone 4.

In addition to having a place for an amplified iDevice, the AirCurve Play serves as a stand. This is good for watching movies, listening to music, and making video calls using FaceTime.

You should be able to get the AirCurve Play on the Griffin Technology website for about $19.99.

Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology and Iceberg Kids team up and make a Woogie
So what is a Woogie, you ask? It has nothing to do with Chewbacca. While we are on the subject of seventies science fiction, the Woogie is not some alien that attaches to your face. 

The Woogie is designed to face a problem that many Apple mobile users are facing. For some reason, young children love to play with iPhones and iPods, and these mobile devices often come back to the parents either busted or covered in a membrane of sticky goo.

The Woogie is a place to put the iPhone/iPod in a huggable shell, so it will reduce the damage by a young child. It is also serves as a speaker. It takes two AAA batteries that are stored in the stuffed animal’s stuffing, and increase the volume tremendously when it is plugged into the headphone jack.

I agree with the basic concept behind this toy/iDevice shield, but I would have chosen a shape of something like a teddy bear, and not this odd thing that looks like a green vegetable that your kid would refuse to eat.

Again, I would recommend the Woogie to those Apple mobile users with toddlers, because that iDevice is one tempting toy. Parents might as well give their $200 minimum investment some protection. You can purchase it on the Griffin Technology website for about $19.99.

Apple Patents 3D Projection

Apple Patents 3D Projection – no glasses required
Okay, okay, I know what I’m dealing with here. There are huge fans of Apple, and then there are, well, everyone else. Honestly, I’m not a diehard fan either way, I find uses for both a Mac and a PC. I really love the iPad, but I’m no snob, show me something that does more stuff, and I’ll switch in a heartbeat. That being said, I am still excited about Apples jump onto the 3D bandwagon.

Apple has a patent for a 3D display that doesn’t require glasses, this patent was approved only several days ago, even though it was applied for in September of 2006. Of course Apple is not the first company interested in these displays. However, Apple’s patent covers a really amazing technology involving a system that could deliver high-quality 3D images to multiple viewers with no funky glasses required. Yes!

It sort of works like this, the image would be projected onto a reflective, textured surface, that somehow would allow the pixels to be bounced into a viewer’s left and right eye separately, producing the 3D effect. it actually senses the locations of both eyes of each viewer, so multiple people could watch from many different angles. Coolness.

So if I have this correct, someday soon we could be sitting around our living room watching a sort of hologram in front of us… I don’t know about you, but THAT’S what I’ve been waiting for. And somehow, like it or not, Apple is probably just the company to make it happen, just that way. I hope they get it done, they usually do. I’ll bring the popcorn.

Bluetooth 3.0

Dell Inspiron laptop use Bluetooth 3.0

Bluetooth 3.0 is available today in the new Dell Inspiron laptops: Dell Inspiron M101z New laptop comes with new technologies such as Bluetooth 3.0 and is made of light weight of only about 3.4 pounds.This notebook has 11.6 inch screen and The Delll laptop battery life last more longer. WirelessBluetooth 3.0 runs faster to transfer pictures or video from devices such as smart phones and equipment points to wireless data transfers of more than 25 bases are used others.As 6 cells, Dell expected battery (Dell Inspiron laptop battery)life of about six and a half, it also comes with desktop software Syncables combine data and multimedia files to mobile devices.

This notebook runs on AMD Athlon II Neo processors.It single and dual core will be able to decode and play high-definition video with Intel 4200 integrated graphics. Its characteristics are what is around 320 GB hard drive, 8 GB external memory storage, Ethernet port, a 1.3 megapixel webcam and a HDMI port. In addition to Bluetooth 3.0, includes optional wireless Wi-Fi Internet proveis also. It is also available on reasonalble prices from U.S. $ 449.This new Bluetooth 3.0 offers many advantages over others.

As we reported some weeks ago, the arrival NX high-end notebook is different this time, the Eee PC that we are talking with the arrival of aliens, ASUS Eee PC 1016P.

ASUS Eee PC 1016P is equipped DD3 memory, ASUS laptop battery and Bluetooth 3.0, the latest technology. In addition netbook has a 10.0-inch screen whose native resolution is 1024 * 600pixels. The Netbook is also equipped with an Intel Atom N455, which can count on bars DDR3 with a maximum capacity of 2GB. The user can also count on a 320 GB hard drive and three USB 2.0 ports and a card reader. Regarding connectivity, it can be done via Wi-Fi 802.11n backwards compatible with 802.11b / g Wi-Fi that will allow users to make video-conference with the integrated webcam 0.3Mpixel. And the operating system comes with Windows 7.

SlimTouch Bluetooth Keyboard

I have reviewed Bluetooth keyboards before, and this Adesso SlimTouch Bluetooth keyboard is designed for those who like the shorter and slimmer design of netbook keyboards. It is also good for those who don’t have a lot of room in their backpacks as it is not very thick. The WKB-4000BB will work with Windows XP, Vista, and the spanking-new Windows 7. I had a chance to try it out for myself, and I liked what I tried. The SlimTouch Mini keyboard comes with a Bluetooth USB dongle that is so small…how small is it? It is so small, the box had to have an arrow saying “USB dongle” or a new user would not have been able to find it. Yeah, that joke isn’t very funny, but usually those “how (insert adjective here) is it” jokes usually aren’t.

For those who want to be free of the mouse as well as a wired keyboard, the SlimTouch also includes a GlidePoint touchpad with a convenient scrolling feature.

Adesso boasts that the keys of the SlimTouch have low profile scissor switches for quiet typing, but these keys sounded about as “loud” as the ones on my laptop. Not that the typing of these keys would keep anyone awake, mind you.

The Adesso SlimTouch Bluetooth Keyboard can be purchased at the Adesso site for about $129.99. It requires two AAA batteries for power, and pairs quite easily with computer or even mobile phone.

Bluetooth Speakers

A Great Way to Experience Great Audio Anywhere
I was surprised at a time when a friend asked me if I have a blue-tooth. I immediately took out my compact mirror from my handbag and verified to see if I have anything adhered between my teeth. Truly awkward! I pretty much grew up in an era where devices can only be linked physically with the use of wires and "Wireless" is still a thing of the future. I relentlessly reckoned that I had a blue tooth caused by either food specks or cavities. My notion then of the latter disappeared when I was familiarized to this exciting technology.

Technology with no wires is Bluetooth. In a much more technical standpoint, it is a technology which employs radio wave technology to connect with different electronic devices. The purpose of which is to install a universal adherence for gizmos and gadgets. Bluetooth is progressively improving in reputation, and the demand for devices that use such technology has increased in the last couple of years. Various inudstries are also harvesting the fruits of success from this new technology like logistics, telecommunications, entertainment and also electronics; the former and the latter may even have worked or have been combined together to provide to the growing needs of the industry such as mobile phones and its add-on.

A average necessity and trend, mobile phones in nowadays's criteria allow for a convergence of diverse routines into one device which makes it more likable to various kinds of users. Because of to the emergence and constant introduction of wireless carriers or operators of such music phones and wireless technology, portable Bluetooth speakers have now turned into a well known and sought accessory. With these bluetooth speakers, wireless music streaming from different devices has been made possible. Imagine the convenience of you no longer carrying the bulky and heavy boom boxes or stereos as you need to listen effortlessly to your top 10 billboard or MTV music hits while wallowing in the tranquility of sand and sea: with a click, pinch or press of a button from your mobile phone, you can certainly revel on a much more restful moment and bask in musical blissfulness.

Being a line of business standard in wireless connectivity, Bluetooth speakers functions well with a lots of portable devices like iPhones, iPods, etc. What almost all user's look for is the luxury of listening to music while working on their mobile device and that is what most mobile phone and accessory producers aim to render. Other user's have the impression that these wireless bluetooth speakers sacrifice sound quality for futuristic pattern and portability, but in truth is totally the opposite. In reality, this kind of device supplies high quality sound in a well-made sturdy design.  As the expression goes, "Great things comes in small packages"! Having a way to connect wirelessly to several devices all together is also much better than to manually connect devices up via wires since there are tons of gaddgets out there the we usually use and its hard to keep track of it all at one time. Well, there is simply one seasonable answer that I can come up of and that is to buy Bluetooth Speakers.

Bluetooth Earpiece

Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece
Even though the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece has received some mixed reviews about its bulky design that resembles elderly models of bluetooth earpiece it is one of the most user friendly bluetooth earpiece available in the market with a lot more to boast of. Of all the bluetooth earpieces that I have tried (believe me I have tried many) the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece provides the best environmental noise cancellation I have come across. What the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece lacks in sleekness and style it makes up for more than once in audio quality rivaled by no other bluetooth earpiece.

After gaining a cult like following for its Plantronics voyager 510 Plantronics has released the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece which has a similar design and if possible even better sound quality. Even though I have not tried out this feature myself the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece claims to give clear sound even during heavy winds. Despite its bulky retro design the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece sits comfortably in your ear owing to its gel like rubber coating and the ear piece does not reach in to uncomfortable depths.

The power button and the call button is placed on the back which is fairly easy to access and the volume rocker on the top. The swiveling boom mic extends from the ear piece and can be swiveled back and forth between calls. The Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece has all the typical features you will find in most bluetooth earpieces and a sound quality that you would not find in the high end models. The Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth earpiece also supports multipoint which is becoming more and more common these days and a battery life of 6 hours talktime and 5days standby which is quite standard.

Plantronics Headset

Plantronics (NYSE: PLT) is the world's leading designer and marketer of headset products for a wide variety of communications devices. In fact, the first words spoken from the moon were through a Plantronics headset in 1969. Besides space exploration, Plantronics headsets have been deployed in many Fortune 500 corporations. Plantronics offers mobile headsets, computer audio headset products and wired and wireless headsets and systems for office and contact center use.

Let's look at some of the popular Plantronics headsets and their features:

Plantronics Discovery 975: The Discovery 975 has a striking minimalist design and one-touch controls. The Dual-mic AudioIQ² technology cancels background noise and enhances audio clarity. WindSmart technology provides triple protection against wind noise. The headset fits comfortably and has up to five hours of talk time and one hour of standby. It uses a QuickPair technology for seamless pairing with any Bluetooth enabled phone.

Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset: The Voyafer PRO headset is equipped with two noise cancelling mikes, AudioIQ² technology, and a pivoting mike boom. Automatic prompting for alert battery and mute status and triple protection against wind noise.

Plantronics Explorer 390: The Explorer 390 has noise reduction features like wind and echo reduction. It pairs easily with other Bluetooth enabled phones and has a lightweight design.
All Plantronics headsets and audio devices are equipped with Sound GuardPlus technology to reduce interference and transient pops. Plantronics Call Clarity system uses noise reduction techniques to process electronic signals to produce clarity in sound and reduce background noise.

On Choosing Plantronics Headsets

A headset can be an investment in the long run. To choose the best headset for you and your workplace, consider these following factors:

Extent of background noise

Protection against sudden bursts of noise

Levels of the output and input signal

Quality of after sales service
For many applications, the lower cost of a direct connect headset is sometimes the right choice. Plantronics also offers cutting edge direct connect solutions for your needs. However, for call-intensive environments, where productivity and safety are top priorities, the benefits of an amplifier-based headset solution outweigh differential factors in cost. Whatever your needs are, you can count on Plantronics for superior audio quality, service and reliability.


AOL Instant Messenger is World's most popular chatting program. AOL instant Messenger (AIM) service is a free online service that lets you communicate with family, friends and co-workers in real time. Using the AIM Buddy List® feature you can see when your buddies are online and available to instant message. The newest version of AIM lets you to take instant messaging to the next level! With Video IM, Screen Name Linking, AIM Games and Mobile IM, instant messaging has become more fun than ever!

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Features

  • Get in touch with friends and family instantly via AIM on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere.
  • A function of some instant messaging applications whereby a user may post a message that appears automatically to other users if they attempt to make contact, and he or she is not available.
  • The centrepiece of AIM, a list containing the status of up to 600 buddies stored on an AIM server so you can access this list from any instance of AIM. The status can be 'online', 'away', 'idle', 'mobile', or 'offline'.
  • If a user is feeling threatened or annoyed by someone, he or she can "block" the sender, which prevents the sender from contacting the user by any means.
  • AIM users can connect to each other on port 5190 and send various forms of media.

iPhone RedEye Mini Dongle

iPhone RedEye Mini Dongle $49
You’ve heard about it for months , and now the universal remote that looks nothing like a universal remote is finally on sale in 52 nations. Thinkflood’s RedEye Mini — which simply plugs into the headphone jack of your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch — can now be procured for $49, and when used with the gratis app in the App Store, can control anything in your home entertainment setup that accepts IR commands. ZDNet was fortunate enough to get a little hands-on time with the device, and their early impressions are quite positive.

In fact, they recommend skipping the Harmony hoopla and heading right for this if you’re already an iDevice owner, and at a buck under a Grant, we certainly aren’t in a position to argue. Gallery: Thinkflood RedEye Mini Continue reading RedEye Mini dongle now on sale for $49, looking good in early review RedEye Mini dongle now on sale for $49, looking good in early review originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 20 Jul 2010 10:43:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

Tuff Luv iPad Case

Tuff Luv iPad Case - Choosing the Best Case for Your iPad Is Now Easy
If a year and a half, the netbook was the king of the jungle in technology, it is now time for Slate, also known as tablet, take the lead and show the world what brilliant minds can come at all by putting the best of the best gadgets provided by unmasked so far. Apple iPad gizmo was the first of its kind to be published, making even the reluctant secret desire for the beautiful touch screen 9.7-inch capacitive viewing the world in the eyes of the user and ... fingers. And as always happens when a child is born, quite the crowd gathered to meet their needs in this particular case, the design of products to store and protect it.

The most popular of them all is undoubtedly the case, as this little trick makes magic of Apple is not in danger. And here's the big question, "If that is the best for my" iPad? The "Tuff Luv case iPad", of course.

Directed by i-nique, a company based in the United Kingdom, which has been designing unique accessories for MP3 players, cameras and phones since 2006, Tuff Luv iPad cases have become a must-have for anyone tech-savvy there, as the quality of materials used is doubled by a lifetime warranty. What sets them apart in a sea full of these products is the combination of style and versatility. Beautiful colors as the British Racing Green, hemp brown, red, pink blush and gray are an inspirational boost, because they have a positive impact on the user. Go to the versatility, it should be emphasized that we do not talk about everything iPad leather case here, but leather cases for iPad with stand, the company's products are renowned for its two-axis models . For example, the Tuff-Luv Bi-Axis Saddleback Leather case cover for Apple iPad & 3G / WiFi offers viewing angles of 20-70 degrees in landscape mode.

The Tuff-Luv Bi-Axis Napa leather case cover for Apple iPad & 3G/Wifi has been appointed as the first on Ebookreaderguide and the best accessory for IPAD by the Sunday Times because of its higher level of functionality.

Tuff Luv Napa iPad covers are extremely popular for their twice a multifunctional stand where multiple viewing angles, making the user experience as comfortable as possible, reducing stress on wrists and neck, thus benefiting the product Magic the maximum Apple.If a year and a half, the netbook was the king of the jungle in technology, it is now time for Slate, also known as tablet, take the lead and show the world what brilliant minds can come at all by putting the best of the best gadgets provided by unmasked so far.

Apple iPad gizmo was the first of its kind to be published, making even the reluctant secret desire for the beautiful touch screen 9.7-inch capacitive viewing the world in the eyes of the user and ... fingers. And as always happens when a child is born, quite the crowd gathered to meet their needs in this particular case, the design of products to store and protect it. The most popular of them all is undoubtedly the case, as this little trick makes magic of Apple is not in danger. And here's the big question, "If that is the best for my" iPad? The "Tuff Luv case iPad", of course.

Directed by i-nique, a company based in the United Kingdom, which has been designing unique accessories for MP3 players, cameras and phones since 2006, Tuff Luv iPad cases have become a must-have for anyone tech-savvy there, as the quality of materials used is doubled by a lifetime warranty. What sets them apart in a sea full of these products is the combination of style and versatility.

beautiful colors as the British Racing Green, hemp brown, red, pink blush and gray are an inspirational boost, because they have a positive impact on the user. Go to the versatility, it should be emphasized that we do not talk about everything iPad leather case here, but leather cases for iPad with stand, the company's products are renowned for its two-axis models . For example, the Tuff-Luv Bi-Axis Saddleback Leather case cover for Apple iPad & 3G / WiFi offers viewing angles of 20-70 degrees in landscape mode.

The Tuff-Luv Bi-Axis Napa leather case cover for Apple iPad & 3G/Wifi has been appointed as the first on Ebookreaderguide and the best accessory for IPAD by the Sunday Times because of its higher level of functionality. Tuff Luv Napa iPad covers are extremely popular for their twice a multifunctional stand where multiple viewing angles, making the user experience as comfortable as possible, reducing stress on wrists and neck, thus benefiting the product Magic the maximum Apple.

Galaxy Tab (AT&T) Arriving Nov. 21st

AT&T may have waited until after T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint released their own branded Samsung Galaxy Tabs, but today the carrier finally made the Galaxy Tab official for their network. Launching on November 21st, the AT&T Tab will sport a $649.99 price tag and two pay-as-you-go data plans that are good for 30 days: $14.99 for 250MB or $25 for 2GB. Besides getting access to AT&T's cellular network, Galaxy Tab owners will also get to use AT&T's WiFi hotspots located across the country. Meanwhile, U.S. Cellular will be launching the Galaxy Tab on November 19th for $399.99 with a two-year contract and $100 mail-in rebate. If you'd prefer to go contract-free, the U.S. Cellular Tab will run you $599.99. Data plans for U.S. Cellular include a $14.99/200MB option or $54.99 for 5GB. You can check out the full press releases below.

While other carriers are pricing their no-contract Galaxy Tabs at $600, AT&T has decided to charge customers $50 more for their version of the Tab, and $20 more than the entry-level 3G iPad. While it's nice that AT&T is offering PAYG data options, the largest allotment available is a measly 2GB. That may be plenty for a smartphone, but I've got a feeling that you'll burn through that pretty quickly on a 7-inch tablet. Sure, you can re-up if you need more data, but that's definitely not ideal. I'm sure that there will be some interested customers who want everything on one bill, but the combination of the small data plans and high device cost could end up turning a lot of potential customers away from the AT&T Galaxy Tab.

AT&T Introduces Samsung Galaxy Tab With Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Data Plans, Easy Activation Directly on Device

Android-Powered Tablet Available Nov. 21 Online and in 2,200 AT&T Stores Nationwide

DALLAS, Nov. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T* and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.(1), today announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab™ will launch on Sunday, Nov. 21 on the nation's fastest mobile broadband network, and just in time for the holiday season.

The Galaxy Tab will be available for $649.99** at more than 2,200 AT&T company owned stores and online at Samsung Galaxy Tab (www.att.com/galaxytab). AT&T will offer two pay-as-you-go data plan options for the Galaxy Tab, a $14.99 pay-as-you-go plan for 30 days with up to 250 MB of usage and a $25 pay-as-you-go plan for 30 days with up to 2 GB of usage. If customers use all the data included in their plan before 30 days, they can purchase another pay-as-you go plan. For additional convenience, these plans can automatically renew every 30 days, when customers pay for these plans with a credit card or debit card.

AT&T data plan subscribers also get access to AT&T's entire national Wi-Fi network at no additional charge. Subscribers can activate their service plan directly on the Galaxy Tab, without making a phone call or a visit to the store, whenever they need access to data within the allocated U.S. footprint.

The data plans do not require a long-term contract. Customers have the option to change plans or purchase more data without penalty as needed. As a courtesy reminder, AT&T will notify customers with a text and email when their 30-day plan is close to expiring or when they are close to depleting the amount of data available in the plan.

In addition to the domestic data plans, international passes are also available which provide data coverage in more than 100 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Plans start at $24.99.

"Consumers are seeking cutting-edge mobile computing devices and we're proud to give them another great choice in our product portfolio," said David Haight, vice president of business development, AT&T Emerging Devices. "Samsung's Galaxy Tab is a sharp device boasting a brilliant screen for watching videos, a powerful processor and a host of cutting edge features that everyone in the family will enjoy. Pairing it with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network and most extensive Wi-Fi network gives AT&T Galaxy customers the best mobile broadband experience in the market."

"We are excited to bring the Galaxy Tab to AT&T customers for the holiday season," said Omar Khan, Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Mobile. "Its seven inch form factor, pocketable weight and robust feature set make it ideal for work and play. It's the kind of device users will want to carry with them every day."

Powered by the Android™ 2.2 platform, the Samsung Galaxy Tab touts a 7-inch enhanced TFT touch screen, 1Ghz Hummingbird application processor, support for Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1, Media Hub - Samsung's own content service that offers an extensive library of acclaimed films and TV programming – Samsung Social Hub, dual cameras, and many additional features. For a limited time, AT&T customers will receive a $50 Media Hub Movie Rental credit with Galaxy Tab purchases.(2)

AT&T consumers will enjoy a rich web browsing experience with the mobile tablet, along with access to many forms of multimedia content on the 7-inch display, including movies, photos, ebooks and more – all on the go Also, users can communicate via e-mail or social networking with the optimized user interface. In addition to the numerous Samsung Mobile features, the AT&T-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab also features AT&T Connection Manager, which automatically connects users to AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots to better manage data usage. Additional information on AT&T data plans for the Galaxy Tab is available at www.att.com/galaxytab. For more information on AT&T, please visit the AT&T website.

Samsung Galaxy Tab™ Available to U.S. Cellular Customers in Stores and at USCellular.com on November 19

With "no contract after the first" from The Belief Project, customers can purchase the mobile tablet for $399 with a two-year contract and never have to sign another one

CHICAGO, Nov. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Holiday shoppers who want to get a head start on their gifts can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab™ from U.S. Cellular beginning Friday, Nov. 19. The carrier's first mobile tablet will retail for $399 after a $100 mail-in rebate and two-year contract.

The Galaxy Tab's large 7-inch touchscreen creates a web browsing experience that is more like a PC, and the vibrant graphics and 1 GHz processor deliver games with dazzling clarity. It's loaded with Samsung's Media Hub, a single source for buying and watching movies and TV shows that are optimized to fit the brilliant display. The Galaxy Tab can also be a convenient e-reader with free downloadable applications from Kindle and Nook. It's a world of information and entertainment that is still small enough to hold in one hand.

Customers can access data on their Galaxy Tab via Wi-Fi or on U.S. Cellular's high-speed nationwide network. The carrier offers two rate plans that are tailored to match how often customers will use Wi-Fi for their data needs. The $14.99 plan is ideal for customers who will use Wi-Fi most of the time and comes with 200 MB of monthly network data usage on U.S. Cellular's network for those occasions when Wi-Fi isn't available. Customers who don't want to rely on a Wi-Fi connection can select U.S. Cellular's $54.99 plan, which provides 5GB of network data usage and can turn the Galaxy Tab into a mobile hotspot for other Wi-Fi devices.

Customers who opt for the $54.99 plan will receive all the benefits of The Belief Project, U.S. Cellular's series of industry-leading initiatives designed to elevate the customer experience. All customers on a Belief Plan get automatic upgrades of their device at promotional prices every 18 months and get rewards just for being a customer that can be used for even faster upgrades.

"We're bringing tremendous value to our customers through The Belief Project, with plans to match how they use their devices and products they really want, all backed by innovative services that make their lives easier," said Edward Perez, vice president of marketing and sales operations for U.S. Cellular.

TiVo iPad

Luckily we have TiVo and other DVR, which help to record all the matches so that we could make them up later on TV, without missing any of the matches. However, fanatic football fans may complain, "Why can't I bring the World Cup matches with me and watch the football game on the way to my work?" Well, of course you can. As far as I know, TiVo Desktop, free supplementary software by TiVo, can help TiVo users to transfer their recordings to computer or laptop.

In order to enjoy TiVo recordings on iPad, you get to transfer TiVo to your PC and then convert TiVo files to iPad compatible formats.

1. Transfer TiVo recordings to PC (or laptop)

Transferring TiVo recordings to PC is easy and straight-forward. All you need is a freeware by TiVo--- the TiVo Desktop (download the latest version v2.8). Connect the TiVo box with your home network, and run TiVo Desktop. Click on "Pick Recordings to Transfer". Check the box next to the title of the show (or shows) you want to transfer and click on "Start Transfer". Transfer times vary, but may be as long as the show's duration to complete the transfer.

2. Convert TiVo recordings to to iPad compatible formats.

There are too many converting tools on market, yet few do convert TiVo files. A recommended one is Pavtube TiVo to iPad Converter, which converts TiVo files as well as HD footages, Flash videos, Matroska container format, tec.

Best Way to Convert TiVo to iPad - Pavtube iPad Video Converter

With the Best iPad Video Converter, Follow the optimal settings to get excellent playback quality.


iPad HD Video(*.mp4)
Video Codec: H.264
Size: 1280*720 or 768*576
BitRate: 4000kbps
FrameRate: 30.00fps
Codec: AAC
SamplerRate: 48000hz
BitRate: 128000bps
Channel: 2

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