Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview - Browse before you click
The world has just recently been a spectator to Google's most recent search acceleration version 'Google Instant'. A feature where the search engine tries to read your thoughts and starts indexing answers as you type a issue. And in under 2 months Google has introduced a new add-on to the instant search feature titled 'Instant Preview'. This sounds like Google's different attempt at bettering the snippet data help.

The fundamental strategy working the feature is to give the internet users a peek into the search results i.e. the visitor can see a preview of the web-site before entering it. The preview is presented as a snapshot of the internet site stored in the Google server. Thus you get to see the information of the site even before you enter it.

This attribute as now being enjoyed by the world is a convenient procedure. Let's presume, you conduct a Google search for SEO Firms in Pakistan. You type 'SEO Pakistan' in the search bar and Google provides you a extensive page of results. To see the preview of the results detailed you only need to click on the magnifying glass set next to the title of any search result, later on you can just move the mouse pointer over the other results to see the preview. A pop up giving the visual analysis of the result appears to the right.

A few findings that come along the new release are as follows -

  • The significant highlight of this attribute is that Google gives a snapshot of that section of the page where the search key phrase is located. So for end users searching for 'SEO Pakistan' will get to those sections of the page where the term 'SEO Pakistan' appears. This is a major bonus for search as it makes the search path more specific.
  • As you get to see the pattern of the page you can easily search for pages offering charts, tables, diagrams etc. as per your search needs.
  • Applicable content is highlighted in orange i.e. the section where the search term appears on the webpage. This makes it easy for the users to compare the suitability of the content.
  • The preview given by Google includes a broken line at the end of the page (it mostly look like the end of a torn page running up and down) this shows to the user that missing part of the page that is not incorporated in the preview. This way the user does not dispose of the website as he is aware that the answer to his query is at the bottom.
  • It is significant to note that the Instant preview feature is not an try to speed up the search of the term, but a method facilitating the user to make a quicker selection of which site to browse and which to by pass.
  • The Instant Preview feature facilitates Google to own more of our searching experience because now you need not leave the Google result page to check out any of the websites posted in the result; you can now look at the website while on the Google web page.
  • The web designers may now be forced to revamp the pages to follow by the Google design criteria. As the new feature gives the users the admittance to preview a site the user will now be measuring up the sites before entering them, redesigning the websites for SEO needs seems like an addition on the agenda.
  • Currently the Instant Preview feature does not exhibit the Google ads and flash content in the preview. The experts behind the invention are working at including these aspects in the newly launched feature.

As per a research the searchers are 5% happier after the addition of this facet to the greatest search destination of the world. As the varied aspects of the new feature offered by Google unfold, the world wonders what else Google could pull out from its bag to make search more interactive and fluid.