BTKeyMini makes the iPhone keyboard easier

When I first got a chance to use the keyboard on the iPhone, I found it quite hard to use. I mean, there’s just this tiny keypad and you have to hit the keys exactly. Not to mention that there is no tactile feedback.

I don’t personally own an iPhone, but if I ever had to use one to send and receive very important emails, I would definitely want to have the BTKeyMini. The BTKeyMini is a Bluetooth keyboard designed for the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch.

With this device, you can wirelessly sync up to your Apple mobile device of choice, and have that wonderful feeing of clicking keys underneath your fingers.

As you can see, there is some sort of flap on the keyboard that is presumably there to hold the iPhone in place. I’m not certain how large this keyboard is, so I’m going to go with it being the size of an Asus Eee. That would make it easily portable if that is the case.