Navman PIN 570 PDA Sat Nav

This article reviews the Navman PIN 570 which is a combined PDA and sat nav system. It is at the budget end of the market. So how does it compare to the more expensive models?

Here is a brief rundown of the technical specifications:
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003
  • Pocket PC versions of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer
  • 3.5” touch screen panel
  • Samsung 266MHz processor
  • 64Mb RAM
  • Integrated SiRF GPS receiver
  • MMC/SD (SDIO) expansion slot
  • TeleAtlas maps
  • Navman SmartST 2005 version 3.50.0510 navigation software
Inside the box you will find the following items:
  • Navman PIN 570 with integrated GPS receiver
  • Memory card with maps of local country preinstalled
  • 12V DC in-vehicle power adaptor
  • 100/240V AC mains power pack for indoor use
  • ActiveSync USB cable for synchronization with your PC
  • Protective carry case
  • Vehicle windscreen mounting bracket
  • User manuals
  • CD-ROM containing Microsoft Outlook 2002

First Thoughts

The PIN 570 has a nice rugged feel to it which is just what you want for a device like this. It looks like it is built to withstand being dropped and the materials used in construction don’t look like they would scratch very easily.
The PIN 570 comes with a protective case which will offer good protection against the screen getting scratched. Many sat nav systems today don’t come with any carry case included so it is always nice to see a system with this included at no extra cost.
There are four buttons on the front of the PIN 570 for quick access to common functions. These are:
  • Navigate
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Today screen
These is also a 4-way toggle button in the middle which, depending on the application you’re using, enables you to move up, down, left and right.
On the back of the PIN 570 is the GPS receiver which you flip out when using the navigation features.

Pocket PC Setup

When the device is first switched on you are guided through a few initial setup screens to get things configured correctly.
The enclosed CD-ROM contains Microsoft ActiveSync and Microsoft Outlook. You will need to install both of these applications onto your computer if you want to synchronise data between the PIN 570 and your computer.
Once both applications are installed onto your PC the ActiveSync software will automatically synchronise data between the Pocket PC and your computer. If you already use Outlook on your computer then your Outlook calendar, email inbox and contacts will be transferred to the Pocket PC. There is also an option to create a shared folder on your computer for synchronising other types of data, such as Word and Excel documents, between your computer and the Pocket PC.
The whole setup process from start to finish went very smoothly.


You can navigate around the PIN 570 using either the provided stylus or by using one of the quick access buttons on the front. I preferred to use the stylus most of the time but the quick access buttons are there should you need them.
The 266Mhz processor was fast enough for using applications like Word and Excel. These applications loaded quickly and I didn’t observe any delays navigating from screen to screen. I did find the processor sluggish when using the navigation features, entering address details often being a slow and somewhat tedious process at times.

Office Software

Outlook is probably the best piece of software on the PIN 570. I found it straightforward to check my emails, manage my appointments and lookup contacts.
In my opinion the screen is too small to work effectively with applications like Excel and Word. This is not a criticism of the PIN 570, it’s a problem with any Pocket PC like this. I just find it too fiddly to use.
If you open an application like Excel, just displaying the toolbar and row and column headings take up a large chunk of the screen, leaving little room to view anything else. You can configure the view to hide unwanted features like the toolbar but I still found it too small to use.
If you just want to use the PIN 570 for storing documents or for transferring documents from one PC to another, then it will perform fine.
When using applications like Word and Excel there are several options available for entering text. You can either use an on screen keyboard or use one of the handwriting recognition methods. I found the Block Recognizer and Letter Recognizer methods very difficult to use. I found the Transcriber Only method easier to use. I found this method much more natural, more closely resembling using a pen on paper, although still a bit fiddly at times.


Connectivity on the Navman is limited. The PIN 570 can receive an infrared beam from another Pocket PC or similar device but that is it. There is no bluetooth or wireless support out of the box. No wireless support doesn’t surprise me but I was disappointed to see no bluetooth support either.
Bear this in mind before purchasing. Once the PIN 570 is disconnected from your computer you will no longer be able to receive new Outlook email messages and meeting requests until the PIN 570 is reconnected to your computer.
This may not be an issue if you only want to synchronise the PIN 570 with your computer once or twice a day, but if you want to perform tasks like checking for new email throughout the day, then you will need to look at purchasing a separate bluetooth or wireless card.

Windows Applications

The PIN 570 comes with the usual Pocket PC applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. It also includes Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger, but you will need a working network connection on the Pocket PC before these will work. This is typically done by purchasing a separate wireless card to plug into the SD/MMC slot.


So much for the Pocket PC side of things but what about the navigation features of the PIN 570.

GPS Signal

The GPS receiver on the PIN 570 is adequate although not as strong as other sat nav systems I have tested. Many GPS devices today can establish a satellite connection when situated inside a building, this can be useful for planning routes indoors, but you will need to stand outside for several minutes before the PIN 570 picks up a GPS signal.
This is probably not an issue for many people, but a strong GPS receiver can be beneficial, especially in urban areas where tall buildings and tunnels can make reception more difficult.

Mapping Software

The PIN 570 comes pre-installed with TeleAtlas street level maps of the UK. There are also 3 CDs included which provide street level maps for several European countries. You can install any of these additional maps using the SmartST Desktop software that comes with the Navman installation CD. The free European maps are a welcome addition to the PIN 570, but it falls short of the coverage offered by the Garmin Nuvi 250W.
Overall I’m not a big fan of TeleAtlas maps, although other people have reported them to be reliable.
In my tests I came across 3 main issues:
  • Map data not comprehensive enough. When navigating to a destination the PIN 570 was unable to recognise several street names, even established streets which have been around for years. This only happened in a few areas, but I have not seen this problem with Tom Tom, Garmin, Mio or Sony devices when navigating to the same destination.
  • Map data inaccurate. The PIN 570 suffered the same problem as the Navman N40i in displaying the wrong road name on the map. This only happened in one area but it was a bit disconcerting and again was not seen on either TomTom, Garmin, Mio or Sony systems.
  • Map data out-of-date. The maps on the PIN 570 are several years old which means it will not recognise recently built roads. I found this a problem when driving along a bypass built in March 2004. The PIN 570 map showed me driving through a field which was quite funny to look at.
Issues like this can normally be sorted out by updating the mapping software but Navman no longer produce software for this device so support is limited. The PIN 570 product range is now discontinued.
Navman are able to offer though, on request, a map update only to SmartST 2006SE as used on the Navman iCN 510/520. This is an improvement over the 2004 map data, but it is uncertain whether you can upgrade the map data any further after this.
If there is no upgrade path beyond the 2006 maps then this will further reduce the PIN 570s appeal.

Routing Options

The PIN 570 supports the typical routing options you get on most sat nav systems. You can plan routes by either the quickest or shortest route. There are also options to avoid motorways, unsurfaced roads, ferries, toll roads and urban areas.

Points of Interest (POI) Options

A basic POI database is included with the PIN 570, although it falls well short of the likes of Garmin in this department. This is understandable given the cheap price tag of the PIN 570.
You can decide which POI categories to display on the map. This is a good idea if you’re only interested in certain POI categories, such as restaurants or petrol stations. It avoids the map being cluttered with too many POI icons.

Sound Options

This screen allows you to adjust the voice instructions volume. There are also options to sound an audible alert if you exceed a certain speed or if you take a wrong turn. For example, you can tell the PIN 570 to sound an audible warning if you exceed a preset speed such as 50mph or 70mph.
It’s a shame the PIN 570 doesn’t support dynamic speed warnings based on the road you’re currently driving along. Several sat systems will recognise the speed limit of the current road and automatically warn when exceeding the speed limit of that road.
The PIN 570 speed warnings are preset to a fixed speed which makes the usefulness of this feature rather limited.


Many GPS systems allow you to set the navigation mode, such as pedestrian or bicycle. The Navman PIN 570 does not support these different modes. It assumes the vehicle being used is always a car. For most people this is probably not an issue but bear this in mind before purchasing.
The PIN 570 only supports partial postcode entry (5 digits) rather than full postcode support. This means you’ll need to enter most of the address details manually using the on screen keyboard.
I found entering the address details cumbersome and awkward to use. The user interface is not that friendly and the system can be very sluggish at times when entering data. This makes entering address details frustrating at times.
There are options though to store frequently used destinations and the PIN 570 stores a list of recent destinations too. This allows you to bypass the fiddly job of entering the address details again when navigating to frequent destinations.
Once out on the road the PIN 570 did a pretty good job. Apart from the map data being several years old, it managed to navigate me correctly to each destination. It was also able to handle taking wrong turns, automatically recalculating the route as necessary. It also did a good job of selecting the right type of roads for each destination, using the same route I would have taken had I not been using a sat nav system.
I’ve seen more expensive sat nav systems choose what I consider unorthodox routes of getting from A to B, but the Navman I felt did a good job with the road selection.
Apart from the traditional map view, the PIN 570 also supports a turn by turn screen. The instruction list screen will show the current turn and the next 5 turns after that. I like this feature on sat nav systems so it was good to see this feature available.
The map layout and display is not as good as other sat nav systems I’ve tested. It is starting to look a bit dated now, but for a cheap and cheerful system it does the job adequately.


The Navman PIN 570 is not a bad performer from a navigational viewpoint, but it is let down in too many areas for it to be considered a good buy in my opinion.
The Navman PIN 570 is starting to look dated compared to the competition. The mapping software contains some minor bugs with road names and is several years out-of-date. There is also limited upgrade potential due to the product being discontinued by Navman.
This coupled with the fiddly on-screen controls and cumbersome user interface makes for a product that can be irritating to use.
If you can put up with these points then it performed reliably from a navigational viewpoint. When you consider it also includes a decent Pocket PC (albeit with no bluetooth or wireless out of the box) then it isn’t all doom and gloom. The cheap price is arguably the best aspect of the PIN 570. You will be hard pushed to get a combined Pocket PC and sat nav system any cheaper than this.
I would take a good look at the competition before settling on the PIN 570. Spending a bit extra on an alternative system would in my opinion be money well spent.
  • Pocket PC and PDA system all in one
  • Cheap price tag
  • No bluetooth or wireless connectivity out of the box
  • Mapping data out-of-date and inaccurate
  • Full postcode entry not supported
  • Sluggish performance
  • User interface cumbersome and fiddly to use
  • Discontinued product with limited support from Navman

Where to buy

Buy the Navman PIN 570 from Lemon Digital.
Quote “Technical Itch” when ordering to receive a special price discount.
Buy the Navman PIN 570 from Amazon.

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BlueParrott Xpressway

The BlueParrott Xpressway is a versatile wireless headset with a variety of styles. The Bluetooth headset has two attachments, one for over-the-head wear and another for behind-the-neck. The headset looks very much like that of a telemarketer. It is longer and heavier than most other similar wireless headsets. Also, the noise cancellation on this headset is not as effective as most similar devices.

The sound quality offered by the Bluetooth stereo headset is lower than other similar devices. The headset only has one microphone so it cannot isolate and cancel out extra noises. This means you have to keep the microphone very close your mouth. The microphone on the end of the earpiece will pick up your voice and broadcast it clearly when there is not too much outside noise like wind or traffic.

The BlueParrott wireless headset doesn’t have built-in voice applications. However, voice-dialing options offered by your phone work with the Bluetooth headset. Most smartphones can access applications that will read text message and emails. Most of these programs will also allow you to dictate messages. The application is especially useful if you need to send text messages or emails while driving. Many of these programs have a small one-time or annual fee.

The Bluetooth headset is A2DP enabled. This means you can stream audio from your phone to your headset. When a call comes in, the music stops playing and you can answer the call. The music will resume after the call is ended. The wireless headset is totally compatible with most types of phones and devices including computers and video game consoles.

Ease of Use:
You can quickly and easily pair this Bluetooth headset with a variety of different Bluetooth-enabled devices. The headset is multipoint capable, so you can have multiple connections simultaneously. The headset has detailed paring instructions and prompts.

The BlueParrott Xpressway Bluetooth headset has a very unique and original design. The microphone is on a long, slender and bendable boom. This piece must be directly next to your mouth for the best sound quality. We liked that the boom was bendable, but it can be somewhat difficult to find the exact positioning of your headset.

You can wear the Bluetooth headset in a three different ways. First, there is a standard over-the-ear hook. This is the most common way of using the headset. Next, the headset has a headband that will go over your head. This is mostly for extended use. It is also useful if you need to wear protective headgear like a bicycle helmet or a construction hard hat. The last wearing option is the behind-the-neck band. The band will rest on the back of your neck.

Help & Support:
The manufacturer of this Bluetooth headset only has telephone customer support. The customer support lines are only open during normal business hours. There are no email addresses, frequently asked questions or live chat options.

The BlueParrott Xpressway Bluetooth headset has some of the most innovative design features available. Some of these features worked better than others. The headset is longer and heavier than most other similar devices.

BlueAnt Q1

BlueAnt has been making wireless headsets since 2007 and has had several redesigns of their product lineup. The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset is the latest release and has a variety of voice-dialing commands. The design is also superb, bringing the best in a professional look without going overboard. However, this headset’s sound quality is not as high as many other similar Bluetooth headsets.

The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset has some innovative voice command features. You can talk to the headset and it will respond. Simply say to the device, “What can I say?” and the headset will list some of the commands available with your headset. Some of the commands are as follows:

Teach me
What can I say?
Speed dial

The voice commands are a useful feature, but there is no text-to-voice or message-reading applications built into this headset. However, many applications are available for download to your smartphone that can read you texts and dictate your messages. Because this Bluetooth headset is compatible with most smartphones, you can easily find a useful application that can do much more than the headset. One of the more famous dictation applications is

The BlueAnt Q1 utilizes two microphones and proprietary Voice Isolation Technology to increase the sound quality. Overall the sound quality is adequate, and if the headset is positioned perfectly, you’ll be able to have a crystal-clear phone call. However, the microphone has to be positioned just right to make sure the sound is clear. When the call is made in a noisy environment, the voice-isolation feature did not work as well as many other similar headsets.

Ease of Use:
The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset is one of the few devices we reviewed that will allow you to use voice commands to pair the headset to the phone. To pair your Bluetooth stereo headset, put it in your ear and listen to the prompts. You can pair the headset with eight different phones or Bluetooth-enabled devices. And while the sound quality is OK, when using the headset, you’ll have to make sure the microphone is positioned exactly perfect.

The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset has a variety of rubber earpieces that are comfortable, even over an extended use. The headset also has an optional over-the-ear hook. We like all the different options available with the earpieces, and you’re sure to find a fit that you like.

The sleek design of the Bluetooth headset combines a professional design without making it look ridiculous. We love the curved earpiece and the buttons are simple to use and see. The volume control has both an up and down button.

Help & Support:
BlueAnt offers a variety of different customer support options including email addresses, telephone numbers and a section of frequently asked questions. When we contacted the manufacturer we were connected instantly to knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives. The only support feature not offered is a chat option. The headset is covered by a one-year warranty.

The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset has a professional design and the manufacturer has helpful customer service options. The voice prompts are useful and innovative. We also loved how easy it is to set up the headset.

Sound iD 400

The Sound ID 400 has outstanding sound quality and is extremely comfortable. The wireless headset has a variety of different sound settings you can choose to customize your sound, depending on the environment in which you are using the headset. The Bluetooth headset is simple to use, but the customer service options are extremely limited.

The Sound ID 400 Bluetooth headset utilizes several microphones on the back of the headset to help cancel out any extra noise. The microphone on the end of the earpiece will pick up your voice and broadcast it clearly. Even in a crowded room or on a windy street, the sound quality is terrific. The headset has two incorporated sound settings: Environmental Mode and NoiseNavigation. The Environmental Mode is designed to amplify and increase the listening power. However, this setting has some feedback that can be annoying. There is occasionally a small buzzing noise in the background. The other setting, NoiseNavigation, is designed to optimize speech intelligibility and works very well.

The Sound ID 400 Bluetooth headset doesn’t have integrated voice applications like other similar headsets. All the voice-dialing options supported by your phone will work with the Bluetooth headset. You can download programs to read text messages and emails. Some applications will dictate text messages, Twitter messages, Facebook posts and emails. These programs are especially useful for those who need to text or send emails while driving. Most of these applications have a small one-time or annual fee.

The wireless headset system is A2DP-enabled, which means it can stream audio. If a call comes in, the music will stop so you can answer. The music resumes after the call is ended. The Bluetooth headset is compatible with all different types of phones and devices, including computers and video gaming consoles.

Ease of Use:
The Sound ID headset is very simple to use. Put your headset in your ear, turn it on and your phone or other device will recognize the headset. You can pair this headset with multiple devices simultaneously.

The Sound ID 400 Bluetooth headset is extraordinarily comfortable. The headset does not come with an over-the-ear hook, but the earpiece is soft and great for extended use. The Sound ID 400 headset only comes with one earpiece and you cannot use an ear hook.

Help & Support:
The manufacturer’s website does not have extensive customer support options. There is only an online form to fill out. You cannot contact the manufacturer via telephone, chat or even email. There are no sections for frequently asked questions or tutorials. When we left notes on the website it took several business days to receive a response.

The Sound ID 400 Bluetooth headset is well-designed for aesthetics, sound quality and comfort. The headset has two different customized sound settings and the sound quality is superb. We also love the fit of the headset. It’s an excellent choice even for extended use.

Bluefox BF-301v

The Bluefox BF-301V wireless headset is designed for maximum noise cancellation. There are extra microphones that pick up and block out the noise around you as you talk on the phone. The microphones are located on the back of the large headset. The Bluetooth headset also has a variety of voice command features.

The Bluefox BF-301V Bluetooth headset can be controlled almost entirely by voice commands. You can answer a call, decline a call, and even redial a number all with the voice recognition software. These features are available on all different types of phones and are not specific to one operating system. For more extensive voice commands you can download an application that will allow you to dictate messages and read aloud incoming emails and text messages.

The wireless stereo headset has an integrated Bing 411 search command that will allow you to search with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. The headset also has a A2DP streaming capabilities which will allow you to listen to music through your headset. The music-audio quality isn’t up to an audiophile’s standard, but it is passable.

The Bluefox BF-301V Bluetooth headset has multiple microphones on the backside of the headset that will pick up any extra noises. This feature allows the headset to better transmit your voice and block any extra sounds. The voice recognition technology used by this headset is terrific and makes the sound quality outstanding no matter what sort of extraneous environmental noises may be around you.

Ease of Use:
Connecting your headset is extremely simple. Put on the headset and turn it on near your phone. You can follow the spoken prompts through the headset. The headset is easy to connect and after the device is paired, you won’t have to follow the same steps again. The headset can be paired with multiple products simultaneously.

The Bluefox BF-301V was one of the largest Bluetooth headsets we reviewed. For some, this might be attractive because it more difficult to lose and the controls are a little larger. However, it is quite bulky and some might find that unappealing.

The Bluetooth headset comes with an over-the-ear hook. There are no extra earpieces included. The fit of the headset is snug and comfortable, even for extended periods of time. The headset is heavier than most other headsets, weighing in at 13 grams.

Help & Support:
Bluefox has a couple of different customer support options. You can call the manufacturer during regular business hours or send an email. When we sent an email we received a response after a few days. However, there is no user manual posted online and there is no chat support. The Bluetooth headset is covered by the manufacturer with a one-year limited warranty.

The Bluefox BF-301V Bluetooth headset excels at cancelling out extra noises and provides a crystal-clear sound quality. It is larger than most other similar devices and requires an over-the-ear hook. We also loved the integrated voice command features.

Samsung Modus 3500

The Samsung Modus 3500 is a mono-to-stereo convertible wireless headset. You can wear the mono headset when you only want to take calls, or you can connect the stereo headphones through the charging jack and listen to music. You can stream music from your mobile device and when a call comes in, the headphones have a small microphone so you can take your call with no hassles.

This Bluetooth headset blends the best of mobile calls and wireless streaming music. While other Bluetooth headsets can stream music to the earpiece, there is only one earpiece and the sound quality is not as good. However, the Samsung Modus 3500's stereo headphones play high-quality audio. And thanks to the built-in microphone, if someone calls while you are listening to music, you can immediately take the call without switching out your stereo headphones. The sound quality while using the headphones is very similar to the earpiece, which is outstanding. The only problem we encountered was that controlling the music was difficult. The only control on the Bluetooth headset is the volume button. You cannot stop, play or skip the music with the headset. You have to make all those changes on the phone.

The Samsung Modus 3500 Bluetooth headset has multiple microphones for effective noise cancellation. The microphones are on the back part of the earpiece. This focuses the headset on the sound of your voice to ensure the best and most clear sound quality.

The Samsung headset is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones. The headset does not have any built-in voice-to-text or text-reading programs. However, whatever basic voice dialing features are incorporated into your phone are compatible with the headset

Ease of Use:
Using the Bluetooth headset is effortless. Turn on the headset next to your phone and follow the prompts to connect the two devices. You can pair the headset with more than one phone. After the connections are made, the headset will be immediately recognized. If you have any questions about pairing the headset, we suggest you follow the detailed instructions in the user manual.

The Samsung Modus Bluetooth headset is has a shiny finish and is available in black or white. The headset has curved corners and is unassuming, but stylish. There is a multifunction button on the front of the device. It is simple to find and use. The volume button is on the side of the headset.

The Bluetooth headset has several different earpieces that can be easily attached to the headset. One of the earpieces has an over-the-ear hook, if you like that style. The wireless stereo headset was comfortable enough to wear for extended use. The Bluetooth headphones are also extremely comfortable for those used to earbud headphones.

Help & Support:
Samsung is one of the most reliable manufacturers of electronic products in the world. Samsung also covers the headsets with a limited one-year warranty. If you run into any problems, you can contact the manufacturer via telephone or email. Make sure to check their extensive set of frequently asked questions before you contact them. However, there is no chat option on the manufacturer’s web site.

The Samsung Modus 3500 is the perfect Bluetooth headset for music lovers. You can switch between the mono headset and the stereo headphones with a microphone. The sound quality is terrific and the design of the headset is professional and attractive.

LG HBM-900

LG is no stranger to the cell phone accessory market. The electronics company has been manufacturing Bluetooth headsets for years now. But until the LG HBM-900, the sound quality has not been as high as many of its competitors. The LG HBM-900 Bluetooth headset has three microphones for noise reduction and echo cancellation. The automatic volume control will adjust the sound to compensate for outside noises.

The LG HBM-900 is the first LG headset to effectively use multiple microphones for noise cancelling. The microphones are placed on the back side of the earpiece. This allows the headset to only transmit the sound coming from your voice. All your calls will be loud and clear with this headset.

The Bluetooth headset is compatible with all different kinds of Bluetooth-enabled phones. The headset itself does not come with any built-in voice-to-text or text-reading applications. The basic voice-dialing features supported by your phone are compatible with the wireless headset. However, there is no built-in integration for texting, emailing or listening to incoming messages.

The Bluetooth headset can stream music through the A2DP connection. The music is paused when a call is connected and will resume after you hang up. This feature also works well with podcasts and other audio streaming. The Bluetooth wireless headset works equally well with all different kinds of phones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. It incorporates multipoint technology, which allows you to have more than one phone paired with the headset simultaneously.

Ease of Use:
The Bluetooth headset is extremely simple to use. Turn the headset on and have it near your phone or other device. The headset will automatically connect. The connection is only necessary once, and then the devices are paired. You can pair multiple devices with this headset.

The headset is long and thin. It has a microphone that sticks out farther than most other headsets. It also has a required over-the-ear hook that is somewhat flimsy. Also, the multifunction button is a touch sensor. It's a sleek feature, but we would prefer an actual physical switch.

The volume button and sliding lock button are on the right of the headset. The volume button is mono-directional, which means you’ll have to scroll through all the volume settings to make the sound quieter. The charging micro-USB port is on the left side. It will take about two hours to fully charge the Bluetooth headset.

Help & Support:
LG is a tremendously reliable manufacturer and it covers the Bluetooth headsets with a limited one-year warranty. The manufacturer has a variety of helpful customer service options including email addresses, toll-free telephone numbers and a list of frequently asked questions. You can also download the user manual from the website.

The LG HBM-900 Bluetooth headset incorporates a variety of microphones to cancel out any extra noises. The call quality is fantastic and the setup is simple. The design of the headset is different than most other similar headsets and is slightly more susceptible to breaking.

Jabra Extreme

The Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset has a variety of earpieces to find the best fit for you. The design is unassuming and the sound quality is superb. Jabra is well known for its Bluetooth headsets and the Jabra Extreme is one of the best products they've ever produced. The headset is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and can be used with hands-free applications.

The Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset has several microphones on the back of the earpiece that help cancel out extra noises. There is also a microphone on the end of the earpiece that will pick up your voice. Even when you are in a crowded room or walking down a windy street, the call quality will not be lessened significantly. You’re sure to love the sound of this wireless headset, and the people you speak with on the phone will love it even more.

It does not have built-in voice applications like some other headsets have. The basic voice dialing options that are supported by your phone will work with the headset. However, you can download applications that will read your messages and emails. Many applications will even allow you to dictate text messages, Twitter messages, Facebook posts and emails. These programs can be especially useful for those that are tempted to text or send emails while driving. Some of these applications have a small annual fee, but others are free.

The Bluetooth headset is A2DP enabled and can stream music through the headset. When a call comes in, the music will stop and you can answer the call. The music will resume after the call is ended. The Bluetooth headset and all its features are compatible with all different types of phones and devices.

Ease of Use:
To connect the Bluetooth headset to your phone, simply turn the device on and have it near your phone. The recognition should be instant and the setup process is minimal. After you have the cordless headset connected to your phone, it will not require another setup. This is called pairing. You can, however, use the headset on more than one phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset looks very similar to a flash drive and is very similar in size to one. It has a grated side to hide the microphones and the device is only available in gray. The package comes with a variety of ear pieces to help you find the one that fits you the best. The over-the-ear hook is optional and is small enough not to be intrusive.

Help & Support:

The Jabra website has a variety of customer service options. You can contact the manufacturer via email or toll-free telephone number. There are also detailed instructions in the user manual. The manufacturer also covers the headset with a one-year limited warranty. The only customer service option missing is a chat feature.

The Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset is extremely simple to use. It comes with a large, useful feature set and the design is elegant. We loved the different earpieces for maximum comfort and the sound quality is among the best available.

Jawbone Icon

The Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset is available in a variety of different fashion-forward designs. The Jawbone headsets continue to push the envelope in style and sound quality. The Jawbone Bluetooth headset touches your cheek and follows the vibrations of your jaw to block out extra noise. The sound quality is outstanding. Whether you are in a crowded room or walking down a windy street, both you and the person on the other end of the call will be able to hear the perfectly-clear sound quality. Jawbone Icon also provides an assortment of free and paid-for voice dialing, texting and emailing features. The Jawbone Icon is our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winner because of its blend of fantastic features, beautiful design and nearly flawless sound quality.

The sound quality of the Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset is nearly unrivaled. Most other similar Bluetooth headsets have multiple microphones on the back side of the headset to reduce external noise. However, Jawbone has gone a whole new route. The wireless stereo headset has a little sensor, complete with an LED indicator, that will rest against your cheek. The sensor will monitor your jaw movements and use that to pick up only what you say. This technology is innovative and extremely effective.

The Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset has a small computer chip inside that enables a variety of different customizable applications. This chip is advertized as a miniature operating system and when you use the headset with the iPhone, you can see the battery life of the headset on the phone. This feature is not the most important, but it was the only headset we reviewed with this particular feature and we strongly recommend this headset for iPhone users for this reason.

The manufacturer of the Jawbone Bluetooth headset has an application called MyTALK that can be downloaded and applied to your headset. The application is divided into audio apps and dial apps. The audio apps are a variety of different voices that will allow you to personalize the voice that will tell you the information like caller ID and the battery life. The voice commands are comical at times but also very creative and out-of-the-box thinking. The apps are also available in French, Spanish and German. The different personalities available are as follows:

The Bombshell
The Rogue
The Thinker
The Catch
The Ace
The Hero

The MyTALK application has multiple dialing and listening applications – some are free and others require an annual fee. The free applications include the MyFavorite and Voice Dial options. You can dial your favorite and most-used numbers with voice navigation. Another free program is the 1-800-FREE-411. This is a directory service. For small annual fees you can also download other applications, such as Voice on the Go and HandsFree Assistant. This will allow you to listen to texts, record emails. The Jolt Assistant application will record notes, texts, emails, reminders and your Twitter account. These applications are especially useful for those who are tempted to text while driving. Using these applications, you can access all the different programs on your phone using only voice commands. We loved the choice of perfectly compatible applications. However, if you have another application that you want to use, this Bluetooth headset can support any hands-free application. The headset and applications are perfectly compatible with all different types of Bluetooth-enabled phones and devices.

Because the Jawbone Bluetooth headset can sync with your computer, you can quickly and easily perform any updates released by the manufacturer. No matter what kind of update, whether a MyTalk or even an audio streaming update, you will be able to stay on top of all the latest and greatest updates from Jawbone.

Ease of Use:
Connecting a mobile phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device with the headset is extraordinarily easy. When we turned on the headset our phone was immediately recognized. There are prompts that will help you through the steps of registering your headset online as well.

The Bluetooth headset has an automatic volume equalizer that worked well most of the time. The lack of a volume button is annoying and makes it slightly more difficult to use this product. While this is not a deal-breaker we missed the addition.

This is one of the flashiest, most avant-garde Bluetooth headsets we reviewed. There are six different styles and color schemes, each more bold than the last. We liked the designs, but we could also easily see how these wireless headset systems might be a little too much for some. The headsets shout out and demand attention. And for those who think you are already drawing enough attention to yourself by appearing to talk to your cup of morning coffee, this headset might not be the one for you. If, on the other hand, you want to make a statement with your cell-phone accessories, the Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset is a perfect match.

The Bluetooth headset is very comfortable and can be used with or without an over-the-ear hook. The headset is designed for maximum comfort and the package includes several different earpiece sizes. Even after several hours of use, the earpiece still fits comfortably in the ear.

Help & Support:
Jawbone has a huge selection of helpful customer service options. We were connected instantly to a knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative when we started a chat support session. The manufacturer also provides email addresses, telephone support lines and tutorials on its website. We also loved the selection of video tutorials. The Bluetooth headset is covered by a limited one-year warranty.

The Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset is well-designed, has fantastic sound quality, and the available apps are customizable and incredibly useful. The Bluetooth headset has an innovative technology that will help eliminate all the extra noises, and it makes the sound quality nearly perfect.

Plantronics Savor M1100

Plantronics Savor M1100
The Plantronics Savor M1100 Bluetooth headset is one of the most innovative and reliable on the market. You’ll see the difference right away as you put the sleek-looking device into your ear. There is no ear-hook required, but the earpiece fits snugly and comfortably. The multiple microphones help cancel outside noises even in loud environments. The Plantronics Bluetooth headset is our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner because of the extensive feature set and the clear sound quality. The Plantronics Bluetooth headset comes with a year subscription to the Vocalyst voice and text service. Vocalyst will read aloud your text messages and emails. You can also record emails and text messages, and with the Pro version you can use your Bluetooth headset to post messages to blogs and update your Twitter account.

The Plantronics wireless headset is steps ahead of the competition. They have been putting out fantastic headsets for years, and the Savor M1100 is no exception. The first, and most important feature, we reviewed was sound quality. The Bluetooth headset has three separate microphones. The microphones on the back of the headset help to cancel out all the excess noise and interference that may be coming from a variety of external factors. The Bluetooth headset will work perfectly on a crowded city street or in a quiet office. It can run into some limited interference when encountering other radio frequencies, but this wasn’t really a problem for us.

The sound quality of the Bluetooth headset would be enough to make it outstanding, but the Plantronics product also comes with a program called Plantronics Vocalyst. With the purchase of the headset, you’ll also receive one free year of the Vocalyst service. Normally, this is about $25 a year. The service has a large variety of easy-to-use features. One of our favorites was the text and email features. Just because you are on the road does not mean the texts and emails stop coming. The Plantronics Vocalyst service will alert you when you have a new message. It will read the message out loud and ask if you’d like to respond. If you send an email, the sound recording will be uploaded to the Plantronics servers and it will send a link to the audio. Text messages are sent as texts, not audio links. Before sending anything, the program will read back the message and ask for your approval.

The Vocalyst program supports a huge variety of different applications and features. You can call the Vocalyst number and listen to news feeds, sports scores, weather updates and finance updates. The Vocalyst program also has built-in support for many common applications including Twitter, Blogger, PingFm, Remember the Milk, 30 Boxers, Tumblr and many more. We loved all the different applications and the versatility of this Bluetooth headset. It truly has more features than any other similar device. And with the perfect sound quality, it makes purchasing this Bluetooth headset an easy choice.

The Plantronics headset is compatible with other applications available on every app network including IOS, Android and Blackberry markets. You don’t have to use the Plantronics Vocalyst program for the voice dialing, texting and other options, but it is free for the first year and extremely user-friendly.

The wireless headset is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. This means you can use this for your phone, computer or even your gaming console. The range on the headset is approximately 33 feet, though the closer you are to the Bluetooth stereo headset, the better the sound will be.

After you connect the cordless headset once, you won’t have to go through the setup process again. The Bluetooth headset will automatically recognize all the factory settings and you’ll be able to use the headset without any extra steps. You can also use the same headset on more than one phone. This is called multipoint technology.

The Bluetooth headset is also A2DP enabled. This will allow you to stream music to your headset and when you receive a call, you’ll be able to stop listening to your music and answer the call. The wireless headset and microphone have a phenomenal sound quality whether you're listening to music or making phone calls.

Ease of Use:
Using the Plantronics Savor M1100 headset is extremely simple. Have the phone or device you wish to connect to and turn on the headset. The prompts will guide you through the entire setup process. The user manual also has detailed instructions that will be helpful if you get lost.

Using the headset is extraordinarily intuitive. You can give voice commands, or use the buttons on your phone and on the outside of the device to control the volume and turn it on or off. However, one of the few flaws we saw on this headset is that it only has one volume button, it can only go louder until it reaches the max volume and then it will start at the softest setting.

The Plantronics Savor M1100 headset is beautifully designed but not ostentatious. The Bluetooth headset is a small V-shaped design and is black with a gray underside. We loved the fit of the headset and were extremely grateful that it does not have the awkward over-the-ear hook. You can use this headset for hours without feeling uncomfortable. In place of an over-the-ear hook, the Plantronics Bluetooth headset has a small, rubber insert on the earpiece.

The Bluetooth headset does not have a listed maximum battery life. It will last for around 10 hours of constant use, when the tasks vary between talking and using it for other applications. The device will need about two hours to charge from nearly empty to fully charged. The Bluetooth headset is charged with a micro-USB connection. This is a standard size and there are a variety of adapters available for vehicles, computers and normal outlets.

The Plantronics Savor M1100 is very similar to the earlier version, Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus. However, the Savor model has a new headset that does not require an over-the-ear hook. The sound quality is similar, but the comfort level and design of the Savor is much better than the Voyager.

Help & Support:
Plantronics has fantastic customer service options on their website. You can watch video tutorials, download user manuals, access databases of frequently asked questions or contact the manufacturer directly. The website has links for chat support, telephone support and email addresses. We contacted the manufacturer through all three avenues and received nearly immediate responses. The manufacturer covers the headset with a limited one-year warranty.

The Plantronics Savor M1100 Bluetooth headset comes with a large assortment of outstanding voice dialing and operating integration. We also loved all the different applications the headset supports such as Twitter and Wordpress. But on top of all the other smaller features, this headset has crystal-clear sound quality.