XP on Vista 2.2.1

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XP Theme for Vista


Upset with the update

I adulation this theme, and accept been application it for years, but now I accept upgraded to 3.6, and the affair is different. The browser attack blush does not bout the bookmark attack color, it is gray, and bookmark attack is blue. The 'active card button icon' aswell is gone if in use, such as if you accept your bookmark window open. I do not like that. It leaves a bare button there which looks bad in my opinion. I would acquiescently accord a lot added than you are allurement for if you would accomplish this the absence colors for Vista, and fix the 'blank icon' alive buttons.

Looks appealing acceptable on XP too, if you're application XP's archetypal affair but wish Firefox to attending the aforementioned as it does beneath the Luna theme.