Vivitar 690HD Digital Video Recorder

690HD Camera

Vivitar calls its 690HD camera a DVR. This is an abbreviation for Digital Video Recorder, but it has nothing to do with what your TiVo does.

The Vivitar 609HD is a handheld camera that looks like it should be held horizontally, but it is best used vertically as the user can see the 2-inch preview screen.

The 690HD has very little built-in memory (8MB), but it can support an SDcard of up to 32GB. The SDcard is not included, but it does come with an AV Cable for watching the footage on your TV.

One major feature of the 690 DVR camera by Vivitar is that it is waterproof up to 10 feet. The packaging has scuba divers on it, which leads me to believe that this camera is marketed to the rugged extreme crowd.

Other features include anti-shake and face detection. You should be able to purchase it for about $59.99.