Comodo Time Machine

Comodo Time Machine - a free program to roll back the system, the absolute analogue of such wonderful programs such as Roll Back RX and Eaz Fix. The program will help protect your computer from a failure, improperly installed driver, defeat any virus, and return back to a serviceable system in minutes, does not affect performance and thus makes it possible to do without a reboot automatically or manually in less than 3 seconds, a full snapshot of the system at any from which you can quickly go back or return of these lost or destroyed data.
The program is an excellent alternative to the mechanism of Windows System Restore. As a built-in component, the application allows you to recover your computer after a serious crash. However, unlike the function of Windows System Restore, «time machine" from Comodo can be used to undo changes not only at the level of system files, registry keys and the list of installed programs, but also in the user data, such as text documents and images.

Annex Comodo Time Machine (CTM) allows you to create so-called "restore points" - original images of the system to date. Subsequently, in the case of system failure caused by equipment failure, virus attack or other factors, the computer owner can easily perform a "rollback" OS to one of its previous states.

The application gives clients more control over the process of recovery than a similar functionality built-in mechanism. For example, a PC owner can configure the application so that the "snapshot" was created at each startup or at specified intervals. To minimize possible risks of the program can create a "snapshot" before any recovery procedure and synchronize files in the selected directory.

Another interesting feature of CTM is to "mount" created the image and view its contents in order to restore or retrieve individual files. By clicking on the file or folder, right-click in the window "Internet Options", the user is also able to synchronize the selected object with the earlier "snapshots".

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Server 2003/Server 2008/Seven (32/64)
License type: FreeWare
Developer: Comodo Group
Size: 21.57 Mb

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