Google Adword Tips

Google Adword Tips To Create Successful Adwords Campaigns
Lots Of Webmasters are trying to make their Adword campaign Successful but they made some little mistakes in their Google Adword campaign and that little mistakes trample the Whole Adword campaign.. Believe when I started my first Adword campaign then I invested to much money but I m not able to get too much out of it because I made some silly mistakes in my campaigns..those silly Adword campaigns made me cry out..

But Now I have enough experienced with Google Adwords after running lots of Adwords Campaigns and all campaign Are Gives Me Lots OF ROI that I can imagine in my dreams.. Remember if you setup you campaign properly then you able to Get More ROI then you excepting to get.. So I decide to share some Adwords campaign tips with you so you also able to make you Adword campaign successful..

1- LP ( Landing Page) :-
Create a fully SEO optimized landing page with very informative content. Google loves Keyword rich Content because Google uses keyword rich content to show relevant ads. The more ads are getting clicked through and reflecting keywords in it then this will help you to low down your CPC.. That is where you able to save your money..

2- Monitoring Your Adword Campaign :-
Try To constantly monitor your Adword campaign, if I were you then I would like to start with around only 100 keywords with very low CPC . Usually I would set my CPC nearby .15 to .35 dollars.. If you are not able to find related keywords to use then you can use keywords tools to find related keywords for your Campaign.. I specially recommend 2 tools one is free and another one is Paid But both are very effective to use but the only difference is the paid one offer lot more feature then free one..
Free One is – Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Paid One Is - Market Samurai
Use this tools and select appropriate keywords for your campaign.. then don't forget to continually monitor your Adword campaign, monitor you Adword campaign and see if some keywords are not performing well then just remove it…

3- Negative Keywords :-
I am not able to say enough about using Negative Keywords in Your Adword Campaign.. Have you ever used it for searching some information on internet? Then what was the main purpose of using them? To not find someone you are not looking for.. So how this will help you… Simply by not showing your Adword ads on keywords that you don't want to waste your valuable money.. Suppose your are selling and eBook to improve affiliate marketing by using Tools.. Then you don't show your ads on those people who are searching for freebie.. you don't want to spend your dollars to someone who are not interested in your product or looking for freebies.. So Use Negative keywords to avoid those peoples..

4- Ad Placements :-
Some time its beneficial to use Google Traffic Estimator, remember the size of banner and what ranking you want.. It not necessary that you always get 1st or 2nd place and pays only .30 cents to get high placements.. try to make your ad creative's in generally format that are most used by People like skyscraper.. most of your ads are displayed on Adsense publishers websites…

5- Your Ads :-
One of most important thing to remember is your ads themselves.. Don't use only one ad copy for you campaign, try to set up few ad copies and monitor them if some are performing well then try to make some changes on it to make it more effective or if some are not performing well then just delete it.. you can try to make this types of ads, insulting ads, polite ads, funny ads, informative ads, catchy ads etc.. Set up as many as ads you can set up Google automatically tell you popular ones..

I Wish You Good Luck and successful Campaigning, if you like this article then Please share it.. Or if you have Some more tips that you want to share with us then please share it in below comment section..