Hammacher Schlemmer 3D Camcorder

If there’s anything that the past year or so of movies, CES last January or the past week of E3 have taught us, it’s that 3D is apparently a big deal. We have 3D movies, TVs, sports, and now even handheld video game systems. However, until now there really hasn’t been much of a chance for most people to record anything in 3D.

Hammacher Schlemmer is looking to bring 3D to the masses with what could be the first 3D camcorder. The camcorder is capable of shooting both 3D movies and images, though with dual 3MP cameras, the video is only going to 640 x 480. With a 4 GB SD card, which isn’t included in the price, you can shoot 4 hours of 3D videos. However, you can really only shoot two hours at a time as the camcorder (which seems to lack a name) can only last for two hours on a single charge which takes six hours. The good news is that, like the Nintendo 3DS, the camcorder’s video doesn’t requie glasses when views on the included 7-inch media player.

The idea of 3D video for everyone sounds nice, but Hammacher Schlemmer’s camcorder might no be the way to go. Until the screen technology behind the media player and the Nintendo 3DS can be applied to larger screens, it’s probably a good idea to just wait. 3D is expensive for everyone, and has a lot of opponents. Also, 640 x 480 video isn’t exactly the greatest and it still costs $600. If you really want to feel like James Cameron, it might be a good investment, but otherwise, 2D is still perfectly fine.