Listening Devices

Covert listening devices are generally known as a bug or a wire. It consists of miniature radio transmitter and a microphone. It is generally used in police investigations. Mostly these devices use a radio transmitter but there are other device options available for carrying the signals. The radio frequencies can also be sent through building main wire system and can be collected outside or in main room.

Transmissions of a mobile or wireless device can also be monitored. It is also possible to capture the data from an ill functioned wireless computer network. Bugs come with different shapes and sizes. At the start the basic function of Covert listening devices was to relay the sound. But due to vast technology boost these are available to catch a television signals for commercial use. Now available these devices can be fit in pens and calculators and other daily used objects.

Some micro Covert listening devices are of the size of a small shirt buttons. Now it's possible to listen to an in car discussion by the Covert listening devices attached to the car tracking systems. But these devices are prohibited to use as it was appealed in court by the car owners. The technology has reached to a level where mobile phone microphones can be activated without even physical excess to the handset. This device is mostly used by the law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to maintain law and order in the region. Actually the interface soft ware is manipulated or over written so that the calls that are done on infiltrated program are not shown. A special feature is to accept the incoming call without showing on the mobile screen interface. But this feature is only possible when the mobile is not already having any communication.

Covert listening devices have the ability to make the calls and receive the calls even when the mobile phone is switched off. Actually when the mobile phone is switched off it is only a temporary stand by status but there is a soft ware working back hand in a clock alarm wise and it rings the alarm when a call comes and it can be intercepted and also any call can be made.  These devices are not only used for communication but also that it's possible to use the blue tooth device for data transfer from a certain mobile hand set. A general user can not notice that the mobile phone is used by someone else but an observant person can notice that the battery of the hand set is consumed when he or she did not use the set.