Spy Sunglasses

A Hands Free Covert Camcorder
Sunglasses with a hidden camera, yea right. They would definitely have to be some novelty item you would see in the back of a comic book for $19.95, right next to the x-ray glasses. That was my response when I first heard about this product. But curiosity got the best of me (I ordered the x-ray glasses too) and I ordered a pair. Wow, was I impressed. These things should have been marketed as a hands free camcorder, it would have been a better description and would have probably attracted more of a consumer base. Never again will I be frantically trying to get the camcorder out and miss that priceless moment on a family outing at the park or beach. With the touch of a button I can record what I am seeing and don't have to worry about getting the camera ready.

More than just a pair of polarized lenses, the hidden camera sunglasses contain not only a state of the art full color camera, capable of taking both still shots and audio/video recordings, but the built in DVR has a 4GB of flash memory and a micro SD (TF) card slot that can hold up to an additional 8GB of memory. The internal microphone records crystal clear audio from a range of up to two meters. An internal 550mAh rechargeable battery powers the whole unit with a 3.5 hour life and is charged through the USB port of your computer. Then, to make these spy sunglasses even more covert, they also contain a MP3 Player and headphones. The most appealing thing about the spy sunglasses is their simplicity. One button starts and stops the recording while the other three buttons switch the camera between still shots and video mode, snap a picture, and turn the camera on/off.

What surprises me the most is the amazing clarity of the images. The still photo resolution is 1280 x 960 while the video records in AVI format at 25FPS with a resolution of 680 x 480. The unit comes with everything you will need, an instruction manual; a USB power adapter; a USB charging cable; and a carrying case. For a price tag of well under $200.00, this unit is a must see, must have item.