PS3 3D Blu-Ray

PS3 3D Blu-Ray Works
Yesterday Samsung sent over an email in response to our article about its current 3D Blu-ray players not working. The story centered on 3D Blu-ray movies functioning incorrectly on the players--movies that were ready for mass production and have not yet hit the market. Supposedly the Blu-ray players were incompatible because they were shipped before the final certification specs were released by the Blu-ray Disc Association. The previous report also stated that the players were on sale at Best Buy, and that Samsung may need to recall the stock while providing a firmware upgrade plan for current customers.

However Thursday a Samsung representative clarified the picture. The Samsung BD-C6900 is the only device in question, and the rep assured us that the player has indeed passed all tests "based on the Blu-ray 3D test specification of the BDA issued to date." This means that the BD-C6900 has officially obtained Blu-ray 3D certification, and it may be that the Blu-ray movies used to unofficially test the player were incorrect.

"Samsung is fully committed to upholding all technology standards issued by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), said Samsung in an official statement. "The Samsung Blu-ray player (BD-C6900) has passed all tests based on Blu-ray 3D test specification of BDA issued to date, and has officially obtained Blu-ray 3D certification at the authorized Testing Center. Samsung products that were shipped to the US prior to receiving final certification are 100% certified and do not require any modifications to play Blu-ray 3D discs." Strangely enough, the Samsung BD-C6900 is nowhere to be found on Best Buy's website, however the new BD-C5500 and BD-C6500 are available to purchase... both without 3D capabilities but feature Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity.