Spy Camera

Everybody remembers the days of the spy movies even coming up to date with the Mission Impossible films. Well, the film writer's fantasy has fast become a reality. The spy cameras that we all knew were just camera tricks are no longer tricks. Anyone today can own a spy camera. 
They are exactly what they say they are. They're the type of cameras that can be used to gather either photographic or video evidence in a covert fashion. Whether it's an individual person or a limited area you want to keep a check on, these cameras are ideal in any situation.

You can see them everywhere; in banks, department stores, even regular grocery stores or anywhere security is an issue. It makes a lot of sense to utilize these cameras in highly sensitive places. It has been an indispensable gadget where goods or valuable items are displayed and can be very costly for the establishment's owners if left unguarded and stolen or damaged. Spy cameras are so common now it has driven the cost down considerably. Store owners use them to try and deter shoplifters as well as evidence should things get nasty and the thief becomes violent and tries to rob them. They have been in use in banks for a long time for the obvious reasons.

Spy cameras can be fitted in any of these locations:

  • Behind a Mirror - an innocent looking mirror can conceal a camera either behind it or in the frame itself.
  • Plants - usually a pretty innocuous decoration, small spy cameras can be installed in between the leaves or in the middle of the flower.
  • In a badge or a brooch- in an undercover operation where you are monitoring a suspicious person at a party.
  • Walls - simple hole on your wall can be perfect location for your spy camera.
  • Concealed in a food or any container - you can act as if you are bringing a food with you but in fact, you are monitoring a particular person via a very "innocent" thing.
  • A camera can be fitted virtually anywhere that you would feel a need for it.

These cameras have even found their way into private homes now, with the increase in the amount of burglaries, insurance companies are advising people to have a system set up to survey the exterior areas of their homes. Video and photographic evidence can help in a criminal prosecution case. No matter in what capacity you are using a camera, any footage that is of no use should be either erased or destroyed. Innocent people at your door or in your store do not want videos of them shown on You Tube; you may think a certain situation looks funny but these people have a right to privacy and these rights will be upheld in a court of law and you could end up facing a very large fine yourself.