Wireless Presenter

ICT provides opportunities for teachers to be creative in their teaching and learning. There is a wide range of ICT accessories which are optional to interactive whiteboards like wireless graphic tablets, tablet monitor, wireless presenter and interactive pen for CRT monitor. They offer limited features of an Interactive Whiteboard and are economical. Using these ICT products, Presenter can annotate over presentations, programs, documents and web pages. The most popular ICT accessory is Wireless graphic tablet, also called mini whiteboard. This works with special pen called stylus. There are macro keys, also known as softkeys available on the top of tablet which can be customized as per the requirement of the presenter.

This ICT product has computer connectivity through a wireless RF interface that plugs into any USB port on the computer. It provides wireless communication with computer and Interactive Whiteboard. Presenters can navigate and annotate computer files while moving around classroom. Another important ICT accessory is Tablet Monitor that is an LCD monitor with an interactive Drawing tablet and multimedia pen for annotation. It saves the presentations into computer as files and can be used for future lesson.

Tablet monitor comes in the sizes of 15 inch and 17inch. They provide sharp, flicker free viewing having TFT active matrix LCD monitor. It is generally installed at Podium or Teacher's desk. Wireless Presenter is an ICT accessory acting as a wireless mouse for power point presentations with easy plug-in and play connectivity with computer. While Interactive pen allows you to annotate on any CRT monitor.