Apple iPad 2 In UK

Apple iPad 2 In UK from PCWorld Starting March 25
We’ve been covering pints to get the Apple iPad 2 from, in the US, subsequent the March 11 shipping date of iPad 2. Talking about the United Kingdom, it is absolutely one of the possible markets of Apple, and surely enough PCWorld United Kingdom has scheduled the Apple iPad 2 for March 25 release. We also reported the Apple had retained prices of the original iPad, and that is also shown in the image above. PCWorld now lists the original iPad only for £329 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi model.

The iPad 2 release hits UK and another 25 countries starting from March 25, a full two weeks after the iPad 2 launch in the United States of America. Currently, there are four points from where the new iPad can be bought in the United States. Best Buy, Sams Club, Walmart and Verizon are all part of that list. It is good to see that chaps in the UK now have yet another point, other than the Apple Retail Stores in United Kingdom to line up at, for the Apple iPad 2.