DXG 3D Camcorder

What with all of those 3D TVs that everybody was flogging to death at CES last week, it sure would be nice if you could, you know, create your own 3D video content. This camcorder from DXG has just about everything you’d expect from a consumer video cam, except that it’s got an extra lens next to the first to let you take stereoscopic vids. It’s cheap, too, at only $400.

Cheap 3D recording? I know, you’re thinking there must be a catch. And there is, and it sucks. The catch is that the camcorder takes 3D video in Motion JPEG, and it seems likely that you’ll only be able to watch that video (in 3D, anyway) on a 7″ digital video frame that DXG includes with the camcorder. So yes, it doesn’t matter if you have a 3D TV or not, since you probably won’t be able to play back this camcorder’s 3D recordings on it.