Theme for Vista

Windows 7 Theme for Vista

Have you been looking for a good Windows 7 theme for Vista? The following Windows 7 style for Vista is one of the best and fully supports Windows Vista SP1 and SP2. If you want to install any Windows 7 themes, then grab this one!
Windows 7 Vista Desktop Theme
This Windows 7 theme includes new taskbar buttons and changes the explorer borders to look more like the Windows 7 default theme.

How to install Windows 7 Themes on Vista

Of course you will need to patch your UXTheme files on Vista, but no worries we have this covered.
You can read a tutorial how to install Windows 7 themes on Vista here.
How to install Windows 7 Themes on Vista

Download Windows 7 Vista Theme

You can download the Windows 7 Vista Theme here:
Download Free Windows 7 Style for Vista
I will soon be posting a tutorial how you can install real Windows 7 themes on Vista, stay tuned!