Samsung UN46C800

Samsung UN46C8000 46-Inch LCD TV
Samsung renewed calls to the top of the class with these eight cried line of LED-backlit 1080p LCD TVs. The ultra-thin, sleek looking Samsung C8000 Series offers great graphics, sound, solid, good support for multimedia playback, and easy access TV functions. It also supports 3D content, a feature that is likely to become increasingly important in the coming years.
Samsung UN46C8000 46-Inch LCD TV
All this goodness is not cheap, but because it makes the C8000 a suggested retail price of an expensive HDTV lines. You can secure good rates for much less in those days. But if your wallet can take the blow, the C8000 Series by the best of almost everything you can get compensated in a current high-end HDTV.

Packages a wide range of Internet content for its customers, including most big commercial streaming services and many social media sites and various news, sports and games – and even Skype (you have a webcam with microphone for video calls handle though). You need to download some of these elements (games, for example) and the Samsung apps, and you have to pay for some of them (in addition to preserving, regardless of the media should report on the services). Be prepared to invest a decent amount of time setting things, particularly in the case of services such as Netflix and YouTube, the complete log-in and activation requirements somewhat awkward when you use the remote numeric keypad for data entry.

A nice feature of the proposition is its ability to save log-in credentials for multiple services in profiles for different users on a budget. To log your Facebook, YouTube or other account to your profile on the set.