EKING S700 e-notepad

Shenzhen Guangxuntong communications technology, has a Chinese company now the world’s first E-S700 notebook launched called subsistence farming. The 7-inch set is for those who developed outside their normal office environment and the need to take notes work. It has a 7-inch color screen with both resistive touch input and an electromagnetic stylus integrated 3G, fingerprint scanner, 3-megapixel auto focus camera and a music player. The subsistence economy S700 will be available before the end of the year, unfortunately there is still no word on pricing details.
EKING S700 e-notepad Picture
The kids at Eking don't always take due credit for their handiwork (they're usually busy manufacturing devices that get badged by companies like Viliv) but this time around they seem pretty proud of their S700 E-notepad. "A notepad," the company states in its PR, "means 'a memorandum' in English. With the prefix E, e-notepad means electron memorandum, abbreviated as electron book.
It's concise and easy to understand and can be accepted by consumers." You get all that? It sports a color 7-inch display with both resistive touch input and an electromagnetic stylus (just like your old Wacom tablet), integrated 3G, fingerprint scanner, three megapixel camera, and a plastic case that looks similar to the one that came with our old Day Runner knock-off. And it's apparently a color display, because "multi-purpose colored electronic notepads will certainly replace the black and white E-books of simple features. It's a trend the same as that of the color TV sets replacing the black and white ones." Took the words right out of our mouth, Shenzhen PR guy! Not entirely sure on a price or release date for this one, but you'll know as soon as we do. Promise.