DTech Card Reader with Bluetooth

D Tech Bluetooth Card Reader
Have you ever wished your card reader could transfer file to other computers without having to resort to a mini USB cable? I'm sure most of us have, especially in the realm of CF card readers for our digital cameras. Though it would be a mightly slow transfer, the Bluetooth Card Reader does exactly that at the speed of Bluetooth 1.2

So your notebook does not come with Bluetooth connectivity which makes it easier to sync data between your cellphone and computer – what are you going to do about it? The 55-in-1 Bluetooth-enabled Card Reader also doubles up as a USB 2.0 hub for those who have plenty of memory card formats to deal with on a daily basis, thanks to the 7 different types of memory card slots.

Two of the USB 2.0 ports are meant for data transfer purposes, while the third port is powered and works great for other USB peripherals such as USB fans, ionizers, lamps, and the like. This nifty little gadget from Brando retails for $29. A quick check with online retailers show that generic 55-in-1 card readers retail between $12 to $20, making this a pretty good buy considering it features an integrated Bluetooth dongle for an extra tenner.