CeBit 2010

CeBit 2010 threw open its doors today. And so far the computerfest hasn’t disappointed, with stacks of amazing new gadgets for us to coo over. We’re talking next-gen netbooks, iPad-baiting slates and convergence-mad satnavs.

So what’s been top of the pile at CeBit so far? Jump in now and we’ll give you the complete rundown.

All-new metal Eee PCs
A year after unleashing the first Asus Seashell in Hanover, the Taiwanese titan has once agin used CeBit to tout some awesome new Eee PCs. Top of the line is the 18mm thin Eee PC Prime 1018p, rocking USB 3.0 and a 10.1-inch screen in an aluminium bod’. Then there’s the Eee PC Diary 1016p which promises “long-lasting battery life”. And last up is the Eee PC Seashell 1015 with a screw-less design, new colours and a stonking 14 hours of battery.

Archos 8 Home Slate
More like a photo frame than a tablet, thanks to that hefty PC, the Archos 8 Home Slate has clearly got the iPad in its sights. It’s got Android inside, as well as 4GB of storage for photos and vids, all inside an impossibly thin 12mm frame. And if the 8-inch number is a tad too obese for your tastes, the French PMP maker is also rolling out a 7-inch version for the same £129 price. The latter also comes in an 8GB edition.

Acer Aspire One 532G
We already knew that this new slab of gadgetry would be wheeled out at CeBit, but it was officially confirmed as the first netbook to pack in NVIDIA’s Ion 2 graphics. That means it can handle video with aplomb and see off ageing efforts which were notorious for struggling with even the most basic of clips. This new model was seen hiding at Mobile World Congress, but now it’s been pushed out front for the masses.

Nokia C5
You’d have expected the Nokia C5 to take a bow at Mobile World Congress. But lo, the Finnish phone fanatics have chosen CeBit to unleash their cheap, but utterly brilliant new blower. Rocking standard candybar looks, it comes loaded with some awesome features including easy Facebook access, Wi-Fi, GPS and HSDPA, all for £122 minus a SIM. It shows Nokia doing what it does best: great basic mobiles.

Mio Moov V780
Sure CeBit is mostly about PC cobblers getting all competitive. But Mio, the satnav people, have rocked up in Germany with a PND that packs in some serious skills. Like HDMI, a WVGA screen and DivX support. The sizeable 7-inch panel also means you can hook it up to a dedicated keyboard dock, just like the one you get with the Apple iPad. It’s a novel move, but one that makes a lot of sense.