USB RC Helicopter

USB RC Helicopter‏ Brings Too Much Fun to Your PC
If you were looking for the best possible way to guarantee that your kids NEVER use their laptops for studying the solution is here. The USB Rechargeable RC Helicopter newly available at Brando may just be too much fun to be safe around a computer. This dual propeller helicopter with gyro-stabilization should be capable of precision flying indoors and out. The multi-axis controller allows you movement in all directions and control of the two LEDs for night-flying or just calling more attention to yourself. There's probably only so much quality you can expect for a $39 flying machine but the metal construction should allow it to survive more than a few rough landings. Just don't fly it into your expensive monitor or let the kids fight for control.

2 AA batteries power the remote which seems to be able to provide another charging option for the helicopter as well. The included USB cable should provide enough power to quick charge the tiny toy in short order. There's no details on the run-time or the charge times by said USB cable but it is probably best not to expect too much. Another thing that might be fun and unpredictable is that the remote uses IR to communicate with the copter. This means that if you lose direct line of site to it or go out of range hilarity or calamity may ensue. Head to Brando if you must have fun at all costs.