USB Instant Messaging

USB Instant Messaging Man is Always Whacking
Sometimes we can go for days without getting an IM from someone on my buddy list, other times it seems like everyone we know wants to chat at the same time - typically when we am swamped. On a few occasions, we have felt like bopping ourselves on the head from the deluge. Systen has an odd little smiling man IM notification thingy that can bop its head with a hammer for me that reminds me a lot of the USB Bot minus the rabbit-like face.

The gadget has a long name for sure - i-Knock B01 Personal Instant Messaging Notifier. You can get the B01 in red or blue colors and it connects to your Pc via USB. It is compatible with Skype, MSN, Yahoo and other IM applications. You can set the device to whack itself on the head when you get an IM, email, or a user logs onto the network. You can also create customizable MP3 audible alerts to go along with more than 20 different emoticons. The B01 works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. No Mac love so far. Video after the jump.