Dell 2011 Android phone

Famed US tech blog Engadget grabbed itself the MOTHER of all Android phone scoops last night, with images of no fewer than THREE classy new Android-powered Dell phones appearing overnight. They’re quite possibly nothing more than concept designs at this moment in time, so don’t embarrass yourself by phoning up Vodafone this morning and trying to pre-order one – they won’t be arriving before the very end of the year (Lighting) or 2011 (Smoke & Flash).

Pictured here we have the Dell Smoke and the Dell Flash, which look OK despite having a whiff of ‘Acer’ about them…and this is the Dell Thunder, with its 4.1″ screen making it rather reminiscent of Sony Ericsson’s X10. We don’t know where to begin when it comes to rewriting and interpreting the specs of this little lot, so head over to Engadget’s Dell Leak Mini Page and read up on the one that takes your fancy.

Interestingly, the late-2010 phone is planned to arrive running Android 2.1, with the 2011 models upgraded to FroYo. A sign that FroYo is further away than currently thought, or simple bluffing from an unaware Dell?