Flexible USB Laptop Speakers

If you have been complaining with regard to the sound quality that your computer produce then the JLab USB Laptop Speakers are for you. It produces a sound of high quality and of great performance. This speaker has two digital amplifiers with two full range output micro drivers to get a crystal clear sound and of great volume. This speaker is very easy to use, a plug and play device. This electronic device is powered by USB, so you just have to plug it in any USB port with no wires or batteries needed. It is best if you are on travel while listening to music, watching movies or playing games. And you can also use this during meetings or presentations for your business and even for educational purposes. This device has already been featured in NY Times, on ABC news and on some sites that features different kinds of gadgets. It is a great gadget for travel and business too.

Product Features and Specifications

  • It is a plug and play device for PC and Mac
  • Its USB powered device, no batteries nor wires needed.
  • It is best for travel; it is small, compact and easy to use.
  • It produces crystal clear sound with dual 1-watt digital amps and 2 high output full range micro drivers.
  • It has been featured in NY Times, on ABC News and even on WIRED magazine.
  • Its design is patented and flexible and it allows you to customize your listening experience byflexing the speaker into virtually any position.
  • Its available colors are black, white, silver and pink.
  • Its approximate product dimension is 5.2 x 2 x 7 inches
  • Its approximate shipping weight is 1 pound

Flexible USB Laptop Speakers Review

This product has more than a hundred of customer reviews. In fact, this gadget gained an overall four star rating. Many commented that it is certainly one of the best gadgets they have ever owned, it is even included in their “best items ever bought list”. They love the design since it is small and compact, very handy and it comes in a single unit and not in pair like what you have always expected. The product’s design makes it easier for them to carry and storage would not be much of an issue. They said that the sound is great compared to what they have expected it to be.

Many commented on how great this gadget is despite of the positive comments, this product gains its downside comments too. Somebody said that it did not work on his Dell computer. Someone said that it did not work; when it was plugged in it disabled his wireless mouse and gave up right after half an hour of trying to get the speaker to work. A few of them returned to the product because it won’t work and were sad because a part of their money is wasted since they can’t get a full refund not unless it’s replaced. Some even commented that it work in such a short period of time. The USB speaker is recommendable especially to those who love to travel and those who performs their business operations online.