Wireless USB

InFocus DisplayLink Wireless USB to Connect Projector and PC Wirelessly
We have seen the Wireless USB set (Cable Unlimited Wireless USB) that could transform most of corded USB gadgets into a wireless one and we have has seen another type of Wireless USB from IOGear (Wireless USB to VGA Kit) for converting corded VGA monitor into a wireless monitor last year. In this year, we have found another type that has been designed exclusively for pairing up Projector and PC, and it has supports resolution up to 2048 x 1152 and 720p HD video.

This is the InFocus DisplayLink Wireless System, the pair includes one USB transmitter and one USB receiver that you must plug to the both end (Projector and PC). The Wireless System also can be paired up with Mac system (iMac and Macbook) and it will be compatible with most InFocus Projectors.

There is no need of extra power for the devices to work. They will draw power just from a single USB port and it’s sufficient for them to contact each other to form a strong bond in the range of 30 feet. It also means that your PC and projector can now move far away instead of limited by the short VGA cable. Price starting at $159 a pop, you can find more detail at InFocus site if you are interested to get one.