Bluefox BF-301v

The Bluefox BF-301V wireless headset is designed for maximum noise cancellation. There are extra microphones that pick up and block out the noise around you as you talk on the phone. The microphones are located on the back of the large headset. The Bluetooth headset also has a variety of voice command features.

The Bluefox BF-301V Bluetooth headset can be controlled almost entirely by voice commands. You can answer a call, decline a call, and even redial a number all with the voice recognition software. These features are available on all different types of phones and are not specific to one operating system. For more extensive voice commands you can download an application that will allow you to dictate messages and read aloud incoming emails and text messages.

The wireless stereo headset has an integrated Bing 411 search command that will allow you to search with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. The headset also has a A2DP streaming capabilities which will allow you to listen to music through your headset. The music-audio quality isn’t up to an audiophile’s standard, but it is passable.

The Bluefox BF-301V Bluetooth headset has multiple microphones on the backside of the headset that will pick up any extra noises. This feature allows the headset to better transmit your voice and block any extra sounds. The voice recognition technology used by this headset is terrific and makes the sound quality outstanding no matter what sort of extraneous environmental noises may be around you.

Ease of Use:
Connecting your headset is extremely simple. Put on the headset and turn it on near your phone. You can follow the spoken prompts through the headset. The headset is easy to connect and after the device is paired, you won’t have to follow the same steps again. The headset can be paired with multiple products simultaneously.

The Bluefox BF-301V was one of the largest Bluetooth headsets we reviewed. For some, this might be attractive because it more difficult to lose and the controls are a little larger. However, it is quite bulky and some might find that unappealing.

The Bluetooth headset comes with an over-the-ear hook. There are no extra earpieces included. The fit of the headset is snug and comfortable, even for extended periods of time. The headset is heavier than most other headsets, weighing in at 13 grams.

Help & Support:
Bluefox has a couple of different customer support options. You can call the manufacturer during regular business hours or send an email. When we sent an email we received a response after a few days. However, there is no user manual posted online and there is no chat support. The Bluetooth headset is covered by the manufacturer with a one-year limited warranty.

The Bluefox BF-301V Bluetooth headset excels at cancelling out extra noises and provides a crystal-clear sound quality. It is larger than most other similar devices and requires an over-the-ear hook. We also loved the integrated voice command features.