LG HBM-900

LG is no stranger to the cell phone accessory market. The electronics company has been manufacturing Bluetooth headsets for years now. But until the LG HBM-900, the sound quality has not been as high as many of its competitors. The LG HBM-900 Bluetooth headset has three microphones for noise reduction and echo cancellation. The automatic volume control will adjust the sound to compensate for outside noises.

The LG HBM-900 is the first LG headset to effectively use multiple microphones for noise cancelling. The microphones are placed on the back side of the earpiece. This allows the headset to only transmit the sound coming from your voice. All your calls will be loud and clear with this headset.

The Bluetooth headset is compatible with all different kinds of Bluetooth-enabled phones. The headset itself does not come with any built-in voice-to-text or text-reading applications. The basic voice-dialing features supported by your phone are compatible with the wireless headset. However, there is no built-in integration for texting, emailing or listening to incoming messages.

The Bluetooth headset can stream music through the A2DP connection. The music is paused when a call is connected and will resume after you hang up. This feature also works well with podcasts and other audio streaming. The Bluetooth wireless headset works equally well with all different kinds of phones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. It incorporates multipoint technology, which allows you to have more than one phone paired with the headset simultaneously.

Ease of Use:
The Bluetooth headset is extremely simple to use. Turn the headset on and have it near your phone or other device. The headset will automatically connect. The connection is only necessary once, and then the devices are paired. You can pair multiple devices with this headset.

The headset is long and thin. It has a microphone that sticks out farther than most other headsets. It also has a required over-the-ear hook that is somewhat flimsy. Also, the multifunction button is a touch sensor. It's a sleek feature, but we would prefer an actual physical switch.

The volume button and sliding lock button are on the right of the headset. The volume button is mono-directional, which means you’ll have to scroll through all the volume settings to make the sound quieter. The charging micro-USB port is on the left side. It will take about two hours to fully charge the Bluetooth headset.

Help & Support:
LG is a tremendously reliable manufacturer and it covers the Bluetooth headsets with a limited one-year warranty. The manufacturer has a variety of helpful customer service options including email addresses, toll-free telephone numbers and a list of frequently asked questions. You can also download the user manual from the website.

The LG HBM-900 Bluetooth headset incorporates a variety of microphones to cancel out any extra noises. The call quality is fantastic and the setup is simple. The design of the headset is different than most other similar headsets and is slightly more susceptible to breaking.