BlueParrott Xpressway

The BlueParrott Xpressway is a versatile wireless headset with a variety of styles. The Bluetooth headset has two attachments, one for over-the-head wear and another for behind-the-neck. The headset looks very much like that of a telemarketer. It is longer and heavier than most other similar wireless headsets. Also, the noise cancellation on this headset is not as effective as most similar devices.

The sound quality offered by the Bluetooth stereo headset is lower than other similar devices. The headset only has one microphone so it cannot isolate and cancel out extra noises. This means you have to keep the microphone very close your mouth. The microphone on the end of the earpiece will pick up your voice and broadcast it clearly when there is not too much outside noise like wind or traffic.

The BlueParrott wireless headset doesn’t have built-in voice applications. However, voice-dialing options offered by your phone work with the Bluetooth headset. Most smartphones can access applications that will read text message and emails. Most of these programs will also allow you to dictate messages. The application is especially useful if you need to send text messages or emails while driving. Many of these programs have a small one-time or annual fee.

The Bluetooth headset is A2DP enabled. This means you can stream audio from your phone to your headset. When a call comes in, the music stops playing and you can answer the call. The music will resume after the call is ended. The wireless headset is totally compatible with most types of phones and devices including computers and video game consoles.

Ease of Use:
You can quickly and easily pair this Bluetooth headset with a variety of different Bluetooth-enabled devices. The headset is multipoint capable, so you can have multiple connections simultaneously. The headset has detailed paring instructions and prompts.

The BlueParrott Xpressway Bluetooth headset has a very unique and original design. The microphone is on a long, slender and bendable boom. This piece must be directly next to your mouth for the best sound quality. We liked that the boom was bendable, but it can be somewhat difficult to find the exact positioning of your headset.

You can wear the Bluetooth headset in a three different ways. First, there is a standard over-the-ear hook. This is the most common way of using the headset. Next, the headset has a headband that will go over your head. This is mostly for extended use. It is also useful if you need to wear protective headgear like a bicycle helmet or a construction hard hat. The last wearing option is the behind-the-neck band. The band will rest on the back of your neck.

Help & Support:
The manufacturer of this Bluetooth headset only has telephone customer support. The customer support lines are only open during normal business hours. There are no email addresses, frequently asked questions or live chat options.

The BlueParrott Xpressway Bluetooth headset has some of the most innovative design features available. Some of these features worked better than others. The headset is longer and heavier than most other similar devices.