Jabra Extreme

The Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset has a variety of earpieces to find the best fit for you. The design is unassuming and the sound quality is superb. Jabra is well known for its Bluetooth headsets and the Jabra Extreme is one of the best products they've ever produced. The headset is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and can be used with hands-free applications.

The Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset has several microphones on the back of the earpiece that help cancel out extra noises. There is also a microphone on the end of the earpiece that will pick up your voice. Even when you are in a crowded room or walking down a windy street, the call quality will not be lessened significantly. You’re sure to love the sound of this wireless headset, and the people you speak with on the phone will love it even more.

It does not have built-in voice applications like some other headsets have. The basic voice dialing options that are supported by your phone will work with the headset. However, you can download applications that will read your messages and emails. Many applications will even allow you to dictate text messages, Twitter messages, Facebook posts and emails. These programs can be especially useful for those that are tempted to text or send emails while driving. Some of these applications have a small annual fee, but others are free.

The Bluetooth headset is A2DP enabled and can stream music through the headset. When a call comes in, the music will stop and you can answer the call. The music will resume after the call is ended. The Bluetooth headset and all its features are compatible with all different types of phones and devices.

Ease of Use:
To connect the Bluetooth headset to your phone, simply turn the device on and have it near your phone. The recognition should be instant and the setup process is minimal. After you have the cordless headset connected to your phone, it will not require another setup. This is called pairing. You can, however, use the headset on more than one phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset looks very similar to a flash drive and is very similar in size to one. It has a grated side to hide the microphones and the device is only available in gray. The package comes with a variety of ear pieces to help you find the one that fits you the best. The over-the-ear hook is optional and is small enough not to be intrusive.

Help & Support:

The Jabra website has a variety of customer service options. You can contact the manufacturer via email or toll-free telephone number. There are also detailed instructions in the user manual. The manufacturer also covers the headset with a one-year limited warranty. The only customer service option missing is a chat feature.

The Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset is extremely simple to use. It comes with a large, useful feature set and the design is elegant. We loved the different earpieces for maximum comfort and the sound quality is among the best available.