Samsung Modus 3500

The Samsung Modus 3500 is a mono-to-stereo convertible wireless headset. You can wear the mono headset when you only want to take calls, or you can connect the stereo headphones through the charging jack and listen to music. You can stream music from your mobile device and when a call comes in, the headphones have a small microphone so you can take your call with no hassles.

This Bluetooth headset blends the best of mobile calls and wireless streaming music. While other Bluetooth headsets can stream music to the earpiece, there is only one earpiece and the sound quality is not as good. However, the Samsung Modus 3500's stereo headphones play high-quality audio. And thanks to the built-in microphone, if someone calls while you are listening to music, you can immediately take the call without switching out your stereo headphones. The sound quality while using the headphones is very similar to the earpiece, which is outstanding. The only problem we encountered was that controlling the music was difficult. The only control on the Bluetooth headset is the volume button. You cannot stop, play or skip the music with the headset. You have to make all those changes on the phone.

The Samsung Modus 3500 Bluetooth headset has multiple microphones for effective noise cancellation. The microphones are on the back part of the earpiece. This focuses the headset on the sound of your voice to ensure the best and most clear sound quality.

The Samsung headset is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones. The headset does not have any built-in voice-to-text or text-reading programs. However, whatever basic voice dialing features are incorporated into your phone are compatible with the headset

Ease of Use:
Using the Bluetooth headset is effortless. Turn on the headset next to your phone and follow the prompts to connect the two devices. You can pair the headset with more than one phone. After the connections are made, the headset will be immediately recognized. If you have any questions about pairing the headset, we suggest you follow the detailed instructions in the user manual.

The Samsung Modus Bluetooth headset is has a shiny finish and is available in black or white. The headset has curved corners and is unassuming, but stylish. There is a multifunction button on the front of the device. It is simple to find and use. The volume button is on the side of the headset.

The Bluetooth headset has several different earpieces that can be easily attached to the headset. One of the earpieces has an over-the-ear hook, if you like that style. The wireless stereo headset was comfortable enough to wear for extended use. The Bluetooth headphones are also extremely comfortable for those used to earbud headphones.

Help & Support:
Samsung is one of the most reliable manufacturers of electronic products in the world. Samsung also covers the headsets with a limited one-year warranty. If you run into any problems, you can contact the manufacturer via telephone or email. Make sure to check their extensive set of frequently asked questions before you contact them. However, there is no chat option on the manufacturer’s web site.

The Samsung Modus 3500 is the perfect Bluetooth headset for music lovers. You can switch between the mono headset and the stereo headphones with a microphone. The sound quality is terrific and the design of the headset is professional and attractive.