BlueAnt Q1

BlueAnt has been making wireless headsets since 2007 and has had several redesigns of their product lineup. The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset is the latest release and has a variety of voice-dialing commands. The design is also superb, bringing the best in a professional look without going overboard. However, this headset’s sound quality is not as high as many other similar Bluetooth headsets.

The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset has some innovative voice command features. You can talk to the headset and it will respond. Simply say to the device, “What can I say?” and the headset will list some of the commands available with your headset. Some of the commands are as follows:

Teach me
What can I say?
Speed dial

The voice commands are a useful feature, but there is no text-to-voice or message-reading applications built into this headset. However, many applications are available for download to your smartphone that can read you texts and dictate your messages. Because this Bluetooth headset is compatible with most smartphones, you can easily find a useful application that can do much more than the headset. One of the more famous dictation applications is

The BlueAnt Q1 utilizes two microphones and proprietary Voice Isolation Technology to increase the sound quality. Overall the sound quality is adequate, and if the headset is positioned perfectly, you’ll be able to have a crystal-clear phone call. However, the microphone has to be positioned just right to make sure the sound is clear. When the call is made in a noisy environment, the voice-isolation feature did not work as well as many other similar headsets.

Ease of Use:
The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset is one of the few devices we reviewed that will allow you to use voice commands to pair the headset to the phone. To pair your Bluetooth stereo headset, put it in your ear and listen to the prompts. You can pair the headset with eight different phones or Bluetooth-enabled devices. And while the sound quality is OK, when using the headset, you’ll have to make sure the microphone is positioned exactly perfect.

The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset has a variety of rubber earpieces that are comfortable, even over an extended use. The headset also has an optional over-the-ear hook. We like all the different options available with the earpieces, and you’re sure to find a fit that you like.

The sleek design of the Bluetooth headset combines a professional design without making it look ridiculous. We love the curved earpiece and the buttons are simple to use and see. The volume control has both an up and down button.

Help & Support:
BlueAnt offers a variety of different customer support options including email addresses, telephone numbers and a section of frequently asked questions. When we contacted the manufacturer we were connected instantly to knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives. The only support feature not offered is a chat option. The headset is covered by a one-year warranty.

The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset has a professional design and the manufacturer has helpful customer service options. The voice prompts are useful and innovative. We also loved how easy it is to set up the headset.