Jawbone Icon

The Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset is available in a variety of different fashion-forward designs. The Jawbone headsets continue to push the envelope in style and sound quality. The Jawbone Bluetooth headset touches your cheek and follows the vibrations of your jaw to block out extra noise. The sound quality is outstanding. Whether you are in a crowded room or walking down a windy street, both you and the person on the other end of the call will be able to hear the perfectly-clear sound quality. Jawbone Icon also provides an assortment of free and paid-for voice dialing, texting and emailing features. The Jawbone Icon is our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winner because of its blend of fantastic features, beautiful design and nearly flawless sound quality.

The sound quality of the Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset is nearly unrivaled. Most other similar Bluetooth headsets have multiple microphones on the back side of the headset to reduce external noise. However, Jawbone has gone a whole new route. The wireless stereo headset has a little sensor, complete with an LED indicator, that will rest against your cheek. The sensor will monitor your jaw movements and use that to pick up only what you say. This technology is innovative and extremely effective.

The Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset has a small computer chip inside that enables a variety of different customizable applications. This chip is advertized as a miniature operating system and when you use the headset with the iPhone, you can see the battery life of the headset on the phone. This feature is not the most important, but it was the only headset we reviewed with this particular feature and we strongly recommend this headset for iPhone users for this reason.

The manufacturer of the Jawbone Bluetooth headset has an application called MyTALK that can be downloaded and applied to your headset. The application is divided into audio apps and dial apps. The audio apps are a variety of different voices that will allow you to personalize the voice that will tell you the information like caller ID and the battery life. The voice commands are comical at times but also very creative and out-of-the-box thinking. The apps are also available in French, Spanish and German. The different personalities available are as follows:

The Bombshell
The Rogue
The Thinker
The Catch
The Ace
The Hero

The MyTALK application has multiple dialing and listening applications – some are free and others require an annual fee. The free applications include the MyFavorite and Voice Dial options. You can dial your favorite and most-used numbers with voice navigation. Another free program is the 1-800-FREE-411. This is a directory service. For small annual fees you can also download other applications, such as Voice on the Go and HandsFree Assistant. This will allow you to listen to texts, record emails. The Jolt Assistant application will record notes, texts, emails, reminders and your Twitter account. These applications are especially useful for those who are tempted to text while driving. Using these applications, you can access all the different programs on your phone using only voice commands. We loved the choice of perfectly compatible applications. However, if you have another application that you want to use, this Bluetooth headset can support any hands-free application. The headset and applications are perfectly compatible with all different types of Bluetooth-enabled phones and devices.

Because the Jawbone Bluetooth headset can sync with your computer, you can quickly and easily perform any updates released by the manufacturer. No matter what kind of update, whether a MyTalk or even an audio streaming update, you will be able to stay on top of all the latest and greatest updates from Jawbone.

Ease of Use:
Connecting a mobile phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device with the headset is extraordinarily easy. When we turned on the headset our phone was immediately recognized. There are prompts that will help you through the steps of registering your headset online as well.

The Bluetooth headset has an automatic volume equalizer that worked well most of the time. The lack of a volume button is annoying and makes it slightly more difficult to use this product. While this is not a deal-breaker we missed the addition.

This is one of the flashiest, most avant-garde Bluetooth headsets we reviewed. There are six different styles and color schemes, each more bold than the last. We liked the designs, but we could also easily see how these wireless headset systems might be a little too much for some. The headsets shout out and demand attention. And for those who think you are already drawing enough attention to yourself by appearing to talk to your cup of morning coffee, this headset might not be the one for you. If, on the other hand, you want to make a statement with your cell-phone accessories, the Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset is a perfect match.

The Bluetooth headset is very comfortable and can be used with or without an over-the-ear hook. The headset is designed for maximum comfort and the package includes several different earpiece sizes. Even after several hours of use, the earpiece still fits comfortably in the ear.

Help & Support:
Jawbone has a huge selection of helpful customer service options. We were connected instantly to a knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative when we started a chat support session. The manufacturer also provides email addresses, telephone support lines and tutorials on its website. We also loved the selection of video tutorials. The Bluetooth headset is covered by a limited one-year warranty.

The Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset is well-designed, has fantastic sound quality, and the available apps are customizable and incredibly useful. The Bluetooth headset has an innovative technology that will help eliminate all the extra noises, and it makes the sound quality nearly perfect.