Motorola H17txt

Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak
The Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak has an extendable mouthpiece and an over-the-ear hook. The earpiece is very comfortable and the sound quality is fantastic. There are multiple microphones on the back of the Bluetooth headset that will help cancel out any extra noises. The headset also comes with a MotoSpeak application which functions for Blackberry and Android phones. MotoSpeak will read texts and dictate your response with your voice. The Motorola H17txt Bluetooth headset is our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner because of its MotoSpeak feature and outstanding sound quality.

The Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak has two microphones on the earpiece. These microphones help pick up and cancel out any extra noises. This makes the sound quality for the person you are speaking with extraordinary. We liked the automatic volume adjustment and we found the sound on our end to be loud and clear. The Motorola Bluetooth headset doesn't sacrifice sound quality, even with its futuristic design and terrific feature set.

The MotoSpeak application is completely free and easy to use with your Bluetooth headset. This application will read all your text messages aloud over the headset. You can also choose to respond to the text messages and the application will dictate your response. However, this application is not compatible with email, Facebook, Twitter or any other application. We didn’t find this compatibility issue to be a problem, and we loved how easy it was to use the voice commands.

When dictating a text message or performing any other task, the Bluetooth stereo headset will confirm everything is correct. You can redo any message or listen to a message again. You can also customize every feature, such as whether you want to receive the updates with the caller’s name. The MotoSpeak program can also read more than 150 acronyms like LOL, BTW and L8R.

The MotoSpeak application is based on the popular application The application is free for Motorola headset users. However, the Pro version can be bought for a small annual fee. The Pro version unlocks different voices, has speed settings for how quickly the messages are read and even allows you to listen to and dictate emails.

The Bluetooth headset is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, but the MotoSpeak functions are only available for Blackberry and Android. You can use this headset for video game consoles and computers; you can even use it to chat on Skype. The Bluetooth headset is extremely versatile and useful.

Ease of Use:
If you are using a Blackberry or an Android phone, the Motorola Bluetooth headset is a perfect fit. The headset is small and easy to use, and the MotoSpeak app is free and simple to download. Plus, the connection between the phone and the headset is almost instant. If you have any issues with installation or any other step, you can follow the detailed and useful user manual posted on the website.

The Motorola Bluetooth headset is extra compact because the mouthpiece is retractable. This truly futuristic design is sleek and convenient but not over the top, and it doesn't draw any unwanted attention to the headset.

The Bluetooth headset is comfortable, even for long-term usage, but it requires an over-the-ear hook. The headset does not have a stable inner-ear piece like some other similar devices. If you like the look and feel of the ear-hook then this Bluetooth headset is a fantastic option.

The Bluetooth headset will charge from an empty battery to full in about two hours. The headset uses a simple micro-USB port to charge, and while there is a charger included with your purchase, the size standard and many extra accessories are available.

Help & Support:
Motorola is one of the most reliable cell phone and accessory manufacturers on the market. Their products are dependable and backed by a one-year warranty. The website is also full of simple-to-use customer service options. When we contacted the customer support team via the email address, we received a response within an hour. We also loved the chat support option and appreciated that the manufacturer also provides several toll-free telephone numbers.

The Motorola H17txt with MotoSpeak Bluetooth headset is comfortable, easy to use and has a phenomenally clear sound quality. We also loved the MotoSpeak application that is only available for Blackberry and Android users.