BMW’s GINA Concept Car is Made of Cloth

When most of us think about new improvements in automobiles, we usually think of better fuel efficiency. However, a recent program by BMW called GINA thinks outside the box by changing the “box” around the car itself.

Simply put, GINA replaces the stagnant metal frame of a car with durable cloth. This cloth is put over a frame, and creates all the stability that is required for a fender, door, or whatever shape is required.

What is really fascinating is that frame can be motorized, so when portions of the frame shift, the car can literally change its shape. For example, the hood opens up by parting like the Red Sea. Even more odd is the covers of the headlights open like eyelids. There is a video after the jump if you want to see this for yourself, and I highly recommend you do.

The video explains that GINA is an attempted acronym for something like Geometry withINfinite Adaptations. So the abbreviation may not be perfect, but I think the concept is needed. Replacing the metal of a car frame with durable cloth sounds a lot cheaper than metal that constantly gets dented, rusted, and always in need of replacement.

The GINA can be found in the BMW Museum in Munich Germany. There is no word if this technology will hit the market anytime soon.