Cobra’s Aura SL3 warns drivers on bad areas


It’d be nice if we had a device that yelled at us every single time something hazardous was going on while we’re on the road. Of course it’d require that a device be able to predict the future to get that level of safety. Which at this particular juncture is a tad on the impossible side. This GPS Safety Locator does make an effort though to make sure that you know about any potential issues. At least the issues that it can see, it’s not going to tell you when someone flies up on you and about slams into you. No, this instead gives important intersection alerts and other things along those lines.

I’m curious how well it would really work in a rural area, but the device is supposed to alert you within plenty amount of time for you to slow down. It also thankfully lets you know when you are approaching any red light camera, speed cameras or just general caution areas. You can also program in your own alerts, up to 1,000, to remind yourself of bad areas.