Portable Car Seat Laptop Tray holds your drink

f you’ve ever gotten stuck in the backseat on a long road trip, you know what a short trip it can be to a nice padded cell. In the backseat you can feel crowded in and sometimes there aren’t even a sufficient amount of cup holders for the amount of people piled in there. Then you have to figure out what to do for the entire drive. In some cases you have a DVD player in the car, which is nice. If you don’t have one though, this little tray would be the perfect spot to set up your laptop on.

It’d also be great for those that carpool to work to finish typing up some important document for work at the very last minute. The table can be mounted to the back of a seat or even to the steering wheel itself. Please, only mount it to the steering wheel if the car is not actually moving though. When it’s not in use the tray can be popped into an upright position and be out of the way.