The CradleVue holds your laptop in the car


By now just about every single mini van has a small portable DVD player. The ones that don’t are getting fewer and fewer. Except there are still several holding out, because it just seems like a ridiculous expense to some of us. After all, most households own at least one laptop, so why spend the money for something that is only useful within your car? The down side with the laptop is that it’s difficult to set it up in a vehicle at an angle that makes everyone happy. Well with this CradleVue, it would hold your laptop up high and you won’t have to spend money on a portable DVD player.

The CradleVue can be adjusted to hold onto any size laptop. It also can adjust to accommodate more than just mini vans, it’ll also work for cars, SUVs and trucks as well. It has a specific type of cord that is used to absorb all of the usual shock from riding around in the car. The biggest risk factor with this is wondering whether or not it would somehow wear out the hinges between the keyboard and laptop.