New Car Stereo has built in iPod Dock

The Flip Down iPhone Dock Stereo allows for playing, charging and making phone calls as well.Many car manufacturers have started to include USB plugs in their car stereo systems to accomodate connecting MP3 players. That’s a cool thing, but the driver still has to deal with the quandry of where to put the iPod? Check out this new car stereo system which not only lets users sync their iPods for playing iTunes, but also has a pull down iPod Dock to store and charge it at the same time. Very cool.

The Dual XML8110 Mechless Mobile Audio system looks like a standard car stereo system at first blush, with digital LED display and easy to use buttons. But flip down the face and it becomes a full fledged iPod/iPhone dock, completely with not only navigation and volume controls, but also the ability to make hands free phone calls at the touch of a button with an upcoming iPhone application.

The stereo also has built in FM Radio (what, no AM love? what up with that), equalizer presets and even an AUX IN for connecting other devices. And even though it doesn’t have a CD or cassette player built in – that’s really the point here. The XML8110 Mechless Mobile Audio system is moving forward, not backward and this stereo may be ideal for the wireless crowd. Only thing really missing is wireless iTunes purchase capability.