Car Seat made out of Carbon Fiber

Car seats for your kids are never an exciting thing to purchase. They rarely feature designs different from every other car seat developed in the past twenty years. Yes, they might have more safety features, but usually you’re going to get stuck with some pastel car seat probably featuring Winnie the Pooh or some Disney princess. Which seems a bit unfair once you think about it. After all, your kid doesn’t really care what their car seat looks like till their later years of sitting in one. So why not buy a car seat that will look attractive in your car. Well one designer has decided to create a car seat inspired by racing gear.

The designer, Rory Craig will be pitching his design idea to Sparco Motor Sports. They are known for their racing inspired seats and safety harnesses. The car seat will work for your child through all three of the stages they will go through in a car seat. Which means you’d never need to buy a new car seat. The body of the seat is made out of carbon fiber which means it will be very lightweight and strong.