Eko Stoplight gives countdown on red light


No one enjoys sitting at a stoplight. As you sit there you get to contemplate all kinds of things. Like wondering how much of your life has been wasted waiting on stoplights. Then you notice you’ve been sitting there a good long while and begin to wonder if the light will ever change. Then comes the agitation and impatience. Well instead of wondering how long you’ll be at that ridiculous light, you could know exactly how much time you have left if only your city would install these Eko Stoplights.

It shows you just how much time you have left by counting down. This design by Damjan Stanković was actually created for its eco-friendly benefits. With this timer you’d be able to casually sit at the light and know just how long you have. Which means you could shut off your engine to reduce the amount of gas you’re burning up while you’re sitting still. Personally I’m just excited at the idea of getting a visual reminder of how much time I have left.