Exhaust Air Jack

Exhaust_JackWhen you get a flat tire you have a couple of options… you can tackle it like a man and just jack up the car like you should, or you can be a wimp and call recovery to do it for you. For those of you who hate getting on your knees, putting the jack in place and flexing your muscles there is now an alternative option named the Exhaust air jack.

The exhaust air jack is a bright orange bag which you throw under the side of your car. Once there, you hook up the pipe to your exhaust and switch on your engine. The exhaust fumes that are pumped out go in to the bag and will jack up the car within 30 seconds. The bag can lift the car 17 inches off the ground which is plenty of space to allow you to get the wheel off. To prevent exhaust fumes escaping there is a one way valve in to the bag which allows you to switch off the engine while keeping the bag inflated. There are other benefits of owning this product too as it works in in mud, snow and on uneven surfaces.