Portable Pizza Oven a great option for the RV crowd but please, not while in Rush Hour

The Porta Pizza Oven. Great for RVs, bad for rush hour

If I had an RV or camper and was looking to bake a pizza or cake while camping, the Portable Pizza Oven might possibly be a good option to add to my camping gear. But if I was stuck in rush hour and was a tad hungry, using this while driving would be a recipe … for disaster.

The Porta Pizza Oven plugs into the 12 volt cigarette lighter receptacle. It has heating elements above and below for all around cooking and can handle a small cake pan or pizza. It folds out like a typical toaster oven and has two settings – high and low – for cooking and warming up.

As I said, if you’re looking for something to free up some plug space on your portable generator, and have spare counter space on your RV counter or camper, this could be a good option – just make sure you start up the engine from time to time to keep from killing the battery.

But if you’re looking for a hot food option while your commuting to work on the freeway, you may find that this oven turns your vehicle into a car-be-que by sitting on the passenger seat while operating.