Ego Flash allows for hand-free operation in the car

There has recently been a law passed where I live that says that all cell phone calls made in cars must be hands-free. I suppose this is designed to prevent accidents from inattentive drivers always on the phone, but I still see drivers with cell phones pressed to their ears in blatant violation of this law.

Maybe these drivers need an Ego Flash. The Ego Flash has nothing to do with a motivational talk in any way, but an advanced Bluetooth hands-free device for the automobile.

The Ego Flash has two components, one of them is the actual processor of the two, and the other is the device with a 1.6 inch OLED display. This display has caller ID, controls the phone, it can hang up, and even do redials.

It can also do text messaging, and it will even read them aloud. By the way, did I mention that the Ego Flash can hold 10,000 phone contacts? It is also able to play MP3s right from the phone itself.