Car Windshield Mount with Twin Holders

Most of us don’t just have one gadget we keep in our car. For many there’s GPS, cellphone and sometimes an iPod too. Which means it would be nice to have a device that held more of our electronics. Instead of having several holders that clutter up your car. Well with this car windshield mount it will hold two of your gadgets. Ideally I wish it held three, but two at least covers a couple of your important gadgets. It could hold your cellphone and your GPS or your cellphone and your iPod. It’s just all depending on which you think is important to be visible.

Although GPS is an item that seems far more effective when you can actually see it. I suppose there is the possibility that you could put your windshield mount for your GPS above this one and have all three up. Then again, that might eat the entire windshield of your car. Each arm for each gadget is adjustable, so you can make sure it’s pointed at an angle where you can clearly see the screen.