Ego Street Scoota

You know how it is these days – the insane price of oil has driven virtually everything up, save for our salaries. Heck, it used to be dirt cheap filling up cars with gas, and right now at $4 a gallon in most places across the US, motorists are complaining about gas stations being virtual highway robbers as they stop short of taking your firstborn in exchange for a full tank of gas. What are some of the alternatives? A bicycle would be too slow to commute across longer distances, while a motorcycle isn’t environmentally friendly and sips some gas as well. There is always the ego street scoota to save the day – an electric scooter that costs no more than a thousand quid. Can’t believe your ears (and eyes)? Read on then.

With the Ego Street Scoota, you will be able to zip around the city on bus lanes, doing away with congestion charges while cutting queues to get to your destination as fast as possible. Best of all is, there is no need to purchase any gas to let this baby carry you everywhere you want to go, and you get to save a handsome amount on road tax as well. It is powered by an onboard battery that can be recharged via the mains, offering a top speed of 30 mph and a maximum traveling range of 40 miles. It will cost around $0.16 for a full charge, which averages out to approximately half a cent per mile. Sure, you won’t pick up any chicks at the club with this ride, and you are bound to get wet during the rainy season, but think of the long term (positive) impact on your finances and the environment!