SoundRacer makes your car seem fast


For those of you that have officially found yourself driving a reliable quiet family car, now you can fake your senses into believing that you’re driving a sports car. Sure, you can’t afford that sleek little sports car, nor would the car seat fit into the back for your kids. However, you can pretend that you have one, it’s almost as good. Just pick up this SoundRacer and it’ll play the sounds to make you believe that you have that nice sports car engine under the hood of your mini van.

There are two different versions of the SoundRacer, there’s the V8 and the V10. Either one will calculate the car engine’s RPMs and then play the sound changes through your car speakers. It’ll also increase the speed of the engine sound, so you can drive the speed limit while it makes it sound as if you’re flying down the highway. There’s a built-in FM transmitter that transfers the sounds on a select frequency to the car stereo. That transmitter can also be used for your MP3 player.