The Cooling Car Summer Seat


There are a lot of cars that come with built-in heaters in the seats and even if your car doesn’t have that, you can always put something in your car to solve that problem. One thing you don’t see a whole lot is something on the seat to keep you a little more cool. Which during a long road trip or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam would be really nice. There are times when the air conditioning just doesn’t cut it. For those times, there is this seat cooler.

This would be especially nice for those of you that have leather seats. Yes, the leather looks great, but when it’s hot and sticky out, a leather seat does not help matters any. This stays powered by either using the power from your car battery or can be plugged into your average wall socket. This will provide instant relief while you’re waiting on your air conditioning to cool the rest of the car. Plus you’ll no longer have to worry about your back being sweaty from not getting any air circulation thanks to the cooling fan.