GPS navigation system that plays 8-bit games

Devices getting combined with other things and becoming one big complex gadget as opposed a bunch of different gadgets is for the most part a lot more convenient. Yet a GPS unit with a built-in gaming system I’m not sure is actually all that convenient. The 8-bit games might be fun, but you can’t really use the GPS and play a game at the same time. The best time to play the games are on long car trips, which is usually when you need your GPS the most. This isn’t the first device to try to combine the two, the PSP now is able to have GPS on it as well.

With both devices, as much as I love my PSP, I just think it’d end up becoming a headache. This is smarter than the GPS put into a PSP purely because the PSP Slim is impossible to use in the sunlight. Granted the newer PSPs have solved that issue. The GPS unit can support multiple languages, has a SD/MMC memory card slot, Bluetooth, a controller and a Samsung ARM9 400MHz processor. It has a 4.3” screen and of course has a LCD touch screen. So far there is no word on an actual price for this gadget.